Adidas Adipower Multiweight 3.3 2024

Master the court with the Adidas Adipower Multiweight 3.3 2024, designed for precision and power.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




355 - 365 gr




EVA High Memory


18K Carbon


Carbon Fiber


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Updated on 22 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Adidas Adipower Multiweight 3.3 2024

When setting foot on the padel court, the choices we make in equipment can catapult our game to new heights. The Adidas Adipower Multiweight 3.3 2024 is a prime example of innovation meeting functionality, offering a bespoke tool tailored for the aggressive player who refuses to compromise on power or precision.


Shape and Balance

Embodying the iconic diamond shape, this padel racket is designed with an attacker's mindset. The engineering leans towards a higher balance, which in padel parlance, translates to concentrated power at the top of the racket. Executing overheads and smashes becomes a more controlled endeavor, allowing for an authoritative presence at the net.

Materials and Core

Crafted with a carbon fiber frame and 18K carbon faces, the racket endows a sense of invincibility during high-intensity exchanges. The EVA High Memory core contributes substantially to the racket's medium-hard feel, striking a balance that complements players with an established technique who crave consistent output from their equipment.

Feel and Maneuverability

Although the racket exudes an aura of power, it is by no means a brute. The EVA High Memory core not only supports a robust contact but also ensures a responsive rebound, giving each return a lively yet manageable interaction. The ability to personalize the racket with the Weight & Balance System brings an exceptional level of maneuverability, allowing for swift adjustments and adroit moves.

Technology and Features

Adidas doesn't shy away from showcasing its prowess in technological enhancements. The Dual Exoskeleton provides increased structure and support to the racket, while the Power Embossed Ridge adds an external carbon ridge to boost the overall rigidity. Also, the Spin Blade Decal offers an advanced 3D texture for enhanced grip and spin on the ball, giving players more options to disrupt their opponent's game with an array of effects.

Playing Style: Power and Control

The combination of strategic design and high-quality materials does wonders for both power hitters and tacticians. There's an undeniable force behind each shot, yet with plenty of control to place the ball exactly where intended. The architectural layout, with an ample sweet spot, is forgiving yet rewarding, making it a dream for those who want to dictate play with both tenacity and finesse.


As I take a step back and digest the experience with the Adidas Adipower Multiweight 3.3 2024, it's crystal clear that this racket is a powerhouse carefully engineered for advanced players honing an aggressive style. The meticulous blend of power, control, and customizable features makes for a piece of gear that not only complements your play but elevates it entirely.

Whether it's the accuracy of the Spin Blade Decal or the reassuring structure of the Dual Exoskeleton, the marks of premium craftsmanship are evident. It is truly responsive and adaptable—key traits for anyone serious about their padel progression. I say with confidence, this racket can be a game-changer for those ready to harness its potential.

Every element of the Adidas Adipower Multiweight 3.3 resonates with the ambition to excel, to deliver that impeccable shot that leaves spectators and opponents alike in silent admiration. It's more than just a racket; it's a statement of intent on the court.

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