Adidas Cross It 2024

Master the court with the Adidas Cross It 2024 racket, engineered for power-packed performance and precision.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




360 - 375 gr




High Memory EVA


15K Aluminized Carbon


Carbon Fiber


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Updated on 22 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Adidas Cross It 2024

In my time on the padel court, I've had the opportunity to test some of the most competitive rackets in the game. Today, I want to share my thoughts on an exceptional model that caught my attention: the Adidas Cross It 2024. This racket stands out as a top-tier choice for players who demand both overwhelming power and meticulous control in their game.


Shape and Balance

Diamond Shape for Dominating Power

The diamond shape of the Adidas Cross It 2024 directly feeds into its ability to deliver explosive power. Designed with a head-heavy balance, it allows you to execute aggressive shots that put your opponents under pressure. Despite this, the racket retains an impressive level of control, offering a blend that competitive players will surely appreciate.


Long-lasting Grip for Critical Matches

A standout feature is the Extra Power Grip—an extended grip that ensures your hand is positioned optimally to channel maximum force into your smashes. This careful design consideration also contributes to striking a balance between power and maneuverability, making the Adidas Cross It 2024 an excellent choice for players who spend long hours on the court.

Power and Control

Engineered for Assertive Play

For players like myself who tend to favor a forceful style of play, the power this racket provides is undeniable. Its construction, including the Carbon Aluminized 15K faces and EVA High Memory core, gives each strike a level of depth that can dominate rallies. All the while, I felt in control of my shots, thanks to the racket's optimized design for a medium-hard feel, ensuring that I didn't sacrifice precision for power.

Comfort and Speed

Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Play

The innovation behind the Adidas Cross It 2024 doesn't end with materials. The Dynamic Air Flow, a technology improving air movement through the racket's throat, lends itself to quicker swings and sharper reactions. Paired with the Spin Blade Mold, which amplifies spin potential, it becomes evident that this racket is engineered for players looking to exert significant influence during high-speed plays.

Material and Durability

Robust and Responsive Build

Durability is a key aspect for any padel racket, and the Adidas Cross It 2024 doesn't fall short. The carbon fiber frame paired with its aluminized faces ensure a robustness that withstands the rigors of intense matches. This durability is further enhanced by the Structural Reinforcement technology, which reinforces the racket's skeleton, ensuring longevity without compromising on the racket's ability to deliver powerful, precise shots.


To wrap things up, my experience with the Adidas Cross It 2024 has been nothing short of exceptional. For advanced players seeking a weapon that delivers on dominating power while maintaining a firm grip on control, this racket can be transformative to your game. The comfort and maneuverability it offers, paired with advanced technological integrations, mean you're looking at a racket that has the potential to elevate your play to the next level.

That being said, it's important to keep in mind that its design caters to an attacking playstyle. The balance and power may take some adjustment for players who are not accustomed to a head-heavy racket. However, for those up for the challenge and looking to intensify their attack on the court, the Adidas Cross It 2024 is a formidable ally.

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