Adidas Metalbone Team 2023

Explore the Adidas Metalbone Team 2023 racket, with Diamond shape, medium-soft feel, & high-quality materials. Ideal for all padel players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




360 - 375 gr




EVA Soft Performance




Carbon Fiber

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Adidas Metalbone Team 2023

The Adidas Metalbone Team 2023 is certainly a vision to behold on the padel court. Purpose-built to support the varying demands of intermediate to advanced players, this racket brandishes a delectable mix of control, power, and overall feel.


Shape and Balance

Possessing a distinct diamond shape, the Metalbone Team 2023 imparts a considerable advantage of equilibrium in both power and control. The strategic placement of weight within the racket helps significantly in enhancing the shot accuracy, adding both stability and precision to your game.


Numerous play sessions with this racket have revealed a grippy and comfortable hold. The EVA Soft Performance grip beautifully ensures command over your shots, thereby leading to incredible playability during exhaustive matches.

Control and Power

The Adidas Metalbone Team 2023 is in a class of its own when it comes to the power-control balance. The impressive blend of these vital aspects makes it a must-have asset for any serious padelist. It gracefully allows the transition of beginner players into a more advanced game by providing a significant boost while both attacking and defending.

Feel and Response

The Metalbone Team 2023 radiates an exquisite feel of medium-softness, thanks to its sumptuous construction. This, combined with its superb balance, ensures a quick response time, allowing a seamless blend of speed and accuracy.

Material and Durability

One striking feature of the Adidas Metalbone 2023 is its resilience. Hailing from the esteemed stables of Adidas, this racket solves the durability dilemma once and for all. A high strength Carbon Fiber frame, along with Fiberglass faces and EVA Soft Performance core, the racket is designed to withstand rigorous gameplay while maintaining its tact intact.


Summarizing our findings, the Adidas Metalbone Team 2023 is a great companion for intermediate to advanced players who wish to take their game a notch higher. Its eclectic mix scores high on power, control, and solid feel, while the grip imparts an added sense of confidence during exhaustive matches.

As with any racket, it is very crucial to align its characteristics with your style of play. Although a highly versatile piece, beginners may find it a bit overwhelming to start with. However, for players dedicated to improving their skills in the padel court, the Adidas Metalbone Team 2023 is a top-notch choice that promises to deliver.

Remember, a suitable racket can be a game-changer, literally. So measure all these factors and decide wisely. Best wishes as you explore the fascinating world of padel with your perfect gear.

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