Babolat Contact 2022

Unveiling the Babolat Contact 2022. Crafted from Carbon frame and Fiberglass faces, it's perfect for game improvement.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot5.9




335 - 355 gr




Low density EVA





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Babolat Contact 2022

As one of the latest additions to Babolat's padel range, the Babolat Contact 2022 emanates a sense of ease and accessibility, making it a great choice for rookies dipping their toes in the game or intermediate players seeking a versatile racket. This expertly engineered racket brings a fusion of balance, control and comfort that is sure to enhance your performance on the padel court.


Shape and Balance

The Babolat Contact 2022 sports a round shape, a design that aims at optimizing the balance, making this racket extremely manageable in all kinds of situations. It ensures a medium-soft feel, thus providing a well-rounded response and control on the court.

Sweet Spot

Interestingly, the round shape aids in expanding the sweet spot, making it more forgiving for off-center hits. This feature boosts the racket's performance manifold, particularly for beginners who are yet to perfect their strike precision.


With a comfortable grip size, the Babolat Contact 2022 facilitates strong and precise hits. It minimizes the risk of slip-ups, while ensuring that you get a firm hold over your shots, hence gaining a slight edge in your matches.

Material and Durability

Constructed primarily out of fiberglass faces, a low density EVA core, and reinforced with a carbon frame, the Babolat Contact 2022 comes across as a durable investment.

Fiberglass on the faces adds to the flexibility and elasticity of the racket, enabling powerful shots even with a lighter swing. On the other hand, the carbon frame boosts the overall strength of the racket. The low density EVA core ensures a softer hit and better ball absorption, ideal for players focusing on control as this material provides a slower, more predictable rebound.


To put it simply, the Babolat Contact 2022 caters to a wide array of paddlers, thanks to its approachable design, balanced profile, and sturdy construction. This racket delivers a consistent performance, making it a worthy ally in the court.

However, as with any sports equipment, it's pivotal to align the racket's specifications with your personal playing style and demands. While the Babolat Contact 2022 offers a blend of control and comfort, factors like grip size and material composition might differ based on individual preferences.

Overall, if you're aiming for reliability coupled with commendable performance, the Babolat Contact 2022 is definitely worth considering. Ultimately, your padel journey is bound to be as good as your equipment allows, so make your choice wisely!

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