Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebron 2023

Discover the Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebron 2023- the ultimate padel racket for seasoned players. Unleash maximum power and control

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.4




360 - 375 gr




Black EVA


12K Carbon Fiber


100% Carbon


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Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebron 2023

I had the pleasure to test out the Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebron 2023, an advanced player’s dream. This racket is both dynamic and powerful, specially designed to maximize its offensive capabilities. So, let's delve right into it.


The Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebron 2023 excels in many areas but shines brightest as an aggressive, offensive weapon.

Frame and Faces Material

The racket is extremely robust due to its frame being constructed from 100% Carbon, guaranteeing both durability and stability on powerful strikes. The faces are composed of Carbon Fiber 12K which provides excellent rigidity and contributes to the potent impact of the racket.

Core Material

This model utilizes Black EVA at the core. This offers a harder feel and that results in one of the most hard-hitting rackets on the market. It ensures a substantial rebound effect, contributing to a punchier and more aggressive game.

Shape and Balance

The Babolat model retains the same unique Diamond Shape. Combined with its slightly head-heavy balance, this racket maximizes power, especially on aerial strokes. However, the reduced sweet spot and the demanding maneuverability make this racket suitable for advanced players with excellent technique and experience.

Special Features

The racket's face also features a unique double rough system; an embossed texture combined with a sandblasted varnish. This enhances spin and trajectory manipulation. This racket also introduces an interchangeable strap system at the handle. It conveniently allows players to customize the racket to their personal grip preference.


At the Back of the Court

The Viper performs exceptionally when playing shots from the back of the court, thanks to its diamond shape and hard feel. The reduced sweet spot requires precision but rewards handsomely with excellent control and shot placement.

At the Net

The Viper also excels at the net, performing well with block volleys, provided you hit within the sweet spot. Depending on your technique, you might require a full swing when executing lobs to achieve depth.

Aerial Game

When it comes to the aerial game, this racket shines. It boasts immense power, easily one of the top three most powerful rackets currently available. With its new Black EVA core, the Viper empowers you to make explosive smashes and tactical lobs with ease.


In summary, the Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebron 2023 is an excellent choice for experienced players seeking power and control while possessing a strong offensive approach to the game. This isn't a racket for beginners or intermediate players though, due to its smaller sweet spot and precise technique requirement.

But, if you are an advanced player looking for a unique blend of raw power, streamlined design, and advanced control mechanisms, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebron 2023. Remember that choosing the right racket can elevate your game to new heights, so make your decision wisely!

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