Bullpadel Indiga CTR 2023

Review of the 2023 Bullpadel Indiga CTR padel racket. Featuring a round shape, medium-soft feel, and Polyglass materials.

By Jorge Masta

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360 - 370 gr









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Bullpadel Indiga CTR 2023

In the world of Padel, the right racket can be a game-changer, and the Bullpadel Indiga CTR 2023 rises to the occasion. Designed specifically for players longing for impeccable control with a moderate dash of power, this racket is geared to serve both beginners and intermediate gamers exceptionally well.


Essentially, the Bullpadel Indiga CTR 2023 promises a blend of control and power, with a slight bias towards control. Making it truly shine is its rounded shape, versatile control-centric profile and materials that optimize performance.

Shape and Balance

Boasting a round shape, the Bullpadel Indiga CTR 2023 facilitates a high level of control. This shape delivers a balanced weight distribution across its profile, contributing to a greater sense of stability during execution of various shots.

Material Composition

Being constructed with Polyglass for both the frame and faces, dealing with impacts is a given. This resilient material increases the racket's longevity by combating wear and tear effectively. The Core is constructed of SoftEVA, bestowing the racket with a medium-soft feel that cushions impacts well and helps control the ball.

Power and Control Dynamics

When it comes to power, the Bullpadel Indiga CTR 2023 delivers satisfactorily. However, this racket truly shines in its control dynamics. Its structure and composition allow for elegant control of the flight and direction of the ball, rewarding the player with a precise and versatile style of play.

Comfort and Playability

The Bullpadel Indiga CTR 2023 is known for its excellent playability. Its SoftEVA core delivers a medium-soft feel when striking the ball, simultaneously enhancing comfort and reducing the risk of fatigue during extended play.

Grip and Maneuverability

With its standard grip size, the Bullpadel Indiga CTR 2023 ensures comfort and control throughout gameplay. Its mediocrity in weight provides deft maneuverability, permitting swift stroke execution and greatly improving overall gameplay efficiency.


In the durability department, the Bullpadel Indiga CTR 2023 garners high praise. Its Polyglass construction adds significant resilience, offering effective resistance against the typical wear and tear padel rackets often fall victim to.


In summary, the Bullpadel Indiga CTR 2023 is a truly commendable choice for players with an affinity for control-centric gameplay. It couples a comfortable firm grip with commendable durability, ensuring both delightful playability and lasting service.

Its unique blend of power and control facilitates a variety of game styles, from defensive maneuvers to elegant, focused attacks. While it might not cater to every player's unique needs and playing style, its merits certainly uphold it as a considerable option for both the newbie and mid-level padel enthusiast. As always, the best fit comes down to personal preference and gameplay style. Happy gaming!

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