Drop Shot Conqueror 10

Explore the superior technology of Drop Shot Conqueror 10 padel racket featuring medium-hard feel and tear shape.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




350 - 375 gr




EVA Tech


24K Carbon + CURV 360



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Drop Shot Conqueror 10

We recently had the privilege of testing the Drop Shot Conqueror 10 padel racket, a superbly designed offering from Drop Shot, one of the top brands in the field. Specifically tailored for enhancing on-court performance in the 2022 season, we found this racket to be a game-changer in terms of its overall performance, feel, and material composition.


Shape and Balance

The Tear shape of the Drop Shot Conqueror 10 makes it an enticing choice for anyone who values a well-balanced offensive and defensive play style. This shape enhances its control factors, creating a stability that promotes precision with each swing.

Grip and Feel

What particularly caught our attention was the Medium-Hard feel provided by this racket. It seems Drop Shot succeeded in striking the right balance between hardness and comfort, resulting in a firm and controlled grip that doesn't compromise comfort even in the midst of a fiercely competitive match.

Handling and Maneuverability

Regarding maneuverability, the Conqueror 10 was certainly on par with other players in its category, offering a consistent and reliable performance throughout our testing period.

Material and Durability

The Drop Shot Conqueror 10 boasts of Carbon frame and faces composed of 24K Carbon + CURV 360, which speaks volumes about its durability. On top of that, the EVA Tech core enhances the feel of the racket and offers an improved bounce on the court – a factor that's bound to impress players who place a premium on shot precision and power.


After extensively testing the Drop Shot Conqueror 10, we can wholeheartedly vouch for its performance and durability. With its superb balance and top-tier material composition, it's a reliable pick for both social and competitive players to up their game on the court.

Though, as with any sporting equipment, it's essential to consider whether this racket's attributes align holistically with your unique playing style. If you seek a racket with a firm grip, good feel, and exceptional balance, then we can undoubtedly recommend the Drop Shot Conqueror 10. Enjoy your time on the court with this stellar performer!

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