Drop Shot Tiger 3.0

Explore the 2023 season's Drop Shot Tiger 3.0 padel racket. Ideal for perfect control with medium-soft feel and round shape design.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.9




350 - 375 gr









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Drop Shot Tiger 3.0

As a seasoned padel player, I've had the pleasure of testing out several rackets and am always on the hunt for gear that facilitates smoother gameplay. The Drop Shot Tiger 3.0 stands out as a remarkable choice, ideal for those seeking balance and control without sacrificing on power. Let's dive deeper and uncover the specifics.


Shape and Balance

From the get-go, we notice that the Drop Shot Tiger 3.0 boasts a round shape. This design doesn't just lend an aesthetically pleasing look, but also carries with it favorable balance properties, contributing significantly towards the racket's playability.

Stability and Control

With a smooth weight distribution, the Drop Shot Tiger 3.0 creates a nice balance on your hand, facilitating precise swings and delivering superior control over shot placements.

Grip and Comfort

A factor worth discussing separately is the comfort provided by this racket. Its grip is suitable for most hands, ensuring a snug fit. This design enhances your comfort during play, enabling your natural movements and making the racket feel like an extension of your arm.

Power and Control

The Drop Shot Tiger 3.0 is a pleasure to wield in terms of power and control. The racket provides an impressive equilibrium between these two crucial aspects of the game, enabling you to take precise shots, provide swift returns and cover all areas of the court with ease.

Speed and Maneuverability

The racket's round shape aids in maintaining a fast-paced game. Its well-balanced nature enhances swift response, permitting you to secure those vital points with precision and speed.

Materials and Durability

The Drop Shot Tiger 3.0 frames the game in durably woven Fiberglass, providing a sturdy construction that promises to withstand wear and tear. Along with a Fiberglass face and EVA Pro core, the racket guarantees excellent durability and a decent life span to enjoy thrilling padel matches for seasons to come.


To wrap this up, the Drop Shot Tiger 3.0 proves to be an excellent choice for padel enthusiasts who value balance, comfort, and an impressive power-control dynamic. It's sturdy and durable, making it a reliable asset on the padel court.

Like all sports equipment, it's essential to ensure that its features and characteristics align perfectly with your play style and preferences. So, before making that purchase, dwell on your needs and assess if this racket is the right fit for you. Happy playing!

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