Dunlop Boost Control 2.0 2021

Review of Dunlop Boost Control 2.0 2021 padel racket. Discover its graphite frame, EVA ultra soft core, and medium-soft feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.9




360 - 375 gr




EVA Ultra Soft






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Dunlop Boost Control 2.0 2021

When we're talking about the Dunlop Boost Control 2.0 2021, it's easy to see its appeal. Crafted with attention to detail, this racket is a formidable tool in the hands of padel players, especially those advancing their prowess at the intermediate level. Its streamlined features promote an impressive synergy of power and control, fostering a seamless playing experience.


Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Dunlop Boost Control 2.0 2021 plays a critical role in its ability to deliver a balanced blend of power and control on the court. The well-thought-out, rounded structure enhances the stability of the racket, allowing for precise and accurate shot placement. This is an outstanding asset for players who appreciate subtlety in their game, rather than just brute strength.

Grip and Comfort

An important feature that distinctly struck me during the testing sessions is the racket's grip construction. The Dunlop Boost Control 2.0 2021 doesn't compromise on providing a firm grip while ensuring comfort during extended matches, thereby resulting in high playability duration. What's more, this feature can improve player performance, particularly in games that extend over prolonged periods.

Power, Control and Sweet Spot

This is where the Dunlop Boost Control 2.0 2021 really thrives. The marked edge it provides in both offensive and defensive plays equips the player with an impressive degree of control on the court. Notably, the generous sweet spot makes even the most difficult shots feel reachable and executable, contributing to a higher shot success rate.

Maneuverability and Rebound

A noteworthy aspect of the Dunlop Boost Control 2.0 2021 is its high degree of maneuverability, which is often critical in intense games that demand agility and quick reactions. Also, the racket's excellent rebound capability further boosts its performance, providing a conducive blend of return-accuracy and high-paced action.

Material and Durability

The Dunlop Boost Control 2.0 2021 is fashioned out of Graphite for its frame and faces, reinforcing its structural integrity, and stands up well against the rigors of high-intensity matches. In the heart of this sturdy frame is an EVA Ultra Soft core that gives the racket a medium-soft feel—the perfect balance to ensure dependable durability without sacrificing comfort.


In conclusion, the Dunlop Boost Control 2.0 2021 emerges as a top pick for padel players who seek to advance their skills to the next level. With its perfect combination of power and control, firm grip, and sturdy build, it's a reliable partner on the padel court. However, as always, it's essential to assess whether its features align with your gaming style and needs. Are you geared up for handling its intricate design and capabilities? If yes, then the Dunlop Boost Control 2.0 2021 might just be the perfect upgrade your game needs. Always remember, the right racket is a crucial factor in your court performance, so choose wisely and play well!

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