Dunlop Rapid Power 3.0

Dive into our comprehensive review of the Dunlop Rapid Power 3.0 Padel Racket - a beginners' favorite for power, control, and comfort.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.9




365 gr




EVA Soft





DUNLOP Paddle Racket Rapid Power 3.0

If you're venturing into the world of Padel, finding a racket that ticks all the right boxes in terms of performance, playability, and comfort can be quite the challenge. The Dunlop Rapid Power 3.0 stands out as a worthy companion for beginners entering the Padel field. The racket, with its graphite construction, standard hole distribution, and medium-density EVA mixed with triple-layer face fabric, brings to the table a balance of power, control, and comfort that you would appreciate in your early Padel days.


Our testing sessions with the Rapid Power 3.0 let us explore its shape, core, and overall performance attributes.

Shape and Balance: The Dunlop Rapid Power 3.0 boasts a standard hole distribution. This design ensures balanced shots, providing a consistent performance that facilitates mastering the craft. Every swing we took felt controlled, helping us to steadily improve our gameplay.

Core: The racket houses a medium-density EVA core embedded with a rubber compound. The core, combined with Dunlop's unique resin system and a triple-layer face fabric, amplifies power, enhances control, and provides comfort. Even during extended playing sessions, we found this racket to be remarkably pleasant to use.

Material and Durability

The Rapid Power 3.0 is constructed with graphite, giving the racket a superior edge over traditional composite frames. We immediately noticed the robustness it brings to the performance, not to mention a premium feel.

That said, a few users have flagged potential durability concerns. While we didn't experience any during our time with the racket, it's a point worth keeping in mind. Also, if you're an advanced player, you might need to seek a more specialized racket as this one leans more towards beginners.

Furthermore, if you're the type who prefers to express yourself through color, the Dunlop Rapid Power 3.0 might fall a bit short, as it doesn't offer much in terms of color options.


To wrap it up, the Dunlop Rapid Power 3.0is an impressive pick for beginners in the Padel world. It strikes a delightful balance between power, control, and comfort, making it a joy to play with. Its graphite build and standard hole distribution contribute to consistent performance and premium feel.

However, bear in mind the potential durability issues and the limited color options if these factors are crucial in your decision-making process. Still, considering its advantages, this racket certainly holds its ground as a reliable option for any budding Padel enthusiast.

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