Enebe Aerox Carbon 2022

Explore the features of the Enebe Aerox Carbon 2022 Padel Racket. Carbon frame, medium-soft feel, tear shape. A perfect match for any player.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.1




360 - 375 gr




EVA HR3 Soft


Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

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Enebe Aerox Carbon 2022

In the intense world of padel, your choice of racket can significantly impact your game. The Enebe Aerox Carbon 2022 emerges as one of those formidable contenders. Ideal for players of all levels, there's an array of features that truly stand out, making it a reliable ally on the court.


Shape and Balance

The Enebe Aerox Carbon 2022 features a tear shape, which contributes remarkably to its balanced power and control. The weight distribution across the racket is just right, enabling stable swings and precise shots.


Delving into the grip, the Enebe Aerox Carbon 2022 is designed with a standard grip size, making it comfortably snug to hold. The excellence in grip allows greater control during prolonged matches, ensuring consistent ball impact and player comfort.

Material and Durability

The Enebe Aerox Carbon 2022 boasts an impeccable carbon fiber frame and faces and a EVA HR3 Soft core. The use of these materials not only increases its durability but also ensures resistance to wear and tear, promising the racket's longevity. So, whether you indulge in leisure play or intense competitive matches, this racket will endure.

Power and Control

One area where the Enebe Aerox Carbon 2022 shines is in its equilibrium of power and control. With a strong focus on power, this racket allows for aggressive plays without compromising on the control. This balance clearly earmarks it as an ideal choice for players yearning for a powerful yet controlled game.

Comfort and Speed

The Enebe Aerox Carbon 2022 scores high on comfort as well, thanks to its thoughtful design coupled with a comfortable grip. With a comfortable hold and swift response time, this racket is all about speed and precision combined.


With this in-depth analysis, it becomes clear that the Enebe Aerox Carbon 2022 is a solid contender for anyone looking for a racket to invest in. Its durability, power-control balance and comfort make it an essential addition to your padel gaming arsenal.

However, like with any sports gear, it’s critical to consider your personal needs and preferences. While the Enebe Aerox Carbon 2022 ticks many boxes, ensure it fits your specific playing style before going ahead with the purchase.

Whether you're a seasoned player or a budding enthusiast, the right racket makes all the difference. As you explore and grow in the thrilling world of padel, may your choice of racket elevate your game to greater highs. Happy gaming!

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