Enebe Nitro Red 2024

Enebe Nitro Red 2024 review: Optimize your padel game with this versatile tear-shaped racket, combining power and control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.1




355 - 370 gr




Black EVA HR2





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Enebe Nitro Red 2024

When I first laid hands on the Enebe Nitro Red 2024, it was evident that this padel racket holds its own with a distinct personality on the court. Although it's designed for players of various levels, I found it excelled when it came to effortless adaptability—a trait I personally value in a racket.


Shape and Balance

The tear shape of the Enebe Nitro Red lends itself to an enjoyable level of control while complementing it with a decent dose of power. It's this kind of versatility that caught my attention during gameplay, allowing me to switch between strategic placements and powerful smashes with ease.

Sweet Spot

One thing that significantly enhances the gameplay is the size of the sweet spot. It's forgiving and generous, providing a responsive feel even when I didn't hit the ball dead center. This added a layer of confidence to my shots, knowing that my accuracy wouldn't dramatically diminish with off-center hits.


The grip felt natural in my hand, a feature that might be subtle but is intrinsic to the feeling of being 'one with the racket'. The right grip size can seriously up one's game, and with the Enebe Nitro Red, the ergonomic design provided that much-appreciated fusion of agility and control.

Power and Control

Truly testing its power and control capabilities, I found the racket to be a well-rounded performer. It doesn't lean too extremely towards either end of the spectrum, which should suit a wide range of playing styles. Whether I was vollying up close or driving deep from the back of the court, the racket kept up with my demands.

Comfort and Speed

What stood out was the medium-soft feel. It played a major role in dampening vibrations and easing the impact on my arms, which translated to increased comfort during play. Connected to this is the overall maneuverability, which allowed me to react quickly and with precision to any challenges during matches.

Material and Durability

Enebe didn't skimp on quality materials with the Nitro Red 2024. The fiberglass frame and faces give it a solid, yet flexible construction. Meanwhile, the Black EVA HR2 core adds resilience and a pleasant touch to each shot. I believe these materials contribute not just to in-play performance but also promise a robust lifespan for the racket.


The Enebe Nitro Red 2024 stood out for me due to its mix of playability and versatility. The moderate balance between power and control, combined with a pronounced sweet spot and a comfortable grip, makes it a formidable option for players who enjoy a dynamic game.

While suitability always hinges on individual preferences and playing style, this racket is structured to meet the needs of a broad audience. I see it as a strong contender for those who prioritize consistent performance and a comfortable hitting experience. Choosing the right racket can significantly influence your game, and the Enebe Nitro Red 2024 could very well be that optimally balanced partner many players seek.

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