Enebe RSX Carbon 2023

Get a comprehensive review of the Enebe RSX Carbon 2023 paddle racket, the ideal choice for superior control and power.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




360 - 375 gr




Black EVA HR3


3K Carbon


Carbon Fiber

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Enebe RSX Carbon 2023

Having had the opportunity to try out numerous padel rackets, there are those that genuinely leave a lasting impression. One such racket that deserves to be on this list is the Enebe RSX Carbon 2023. Its unique blend of control, power, and medium feel make it a versatile choice for any player who's a big fan of the game of padel.


Our analysis of the Enebe RSX Carbon 2023 consists of a detailed evaluation of its shape, balance, grip, power and control, comfort and speed, as well as material and durability.

Shape and Balance

The Enebe RSX Carbon 2023 boasts a tear shape, offering a good balance between power and control. This particular shape presents a larger sweet spot that increases the probability of hitting powerful shots even if the ball does not strike the racket's center.


Just like most Enebe rackets, the RSX Carbon 2023's grip is designed with players' comfort and control in mind. It supports a firm and comfortable grip, providing control which empowers players to make accurate shots during the game.

Power and Control

When it comes to power and control, the Enebe RSX Carbon 2023 does not disappoint. The Carbon 3K faces on the racket deliver a good mix of power and control, making it an excellent choice for players who thrive on both defensive and attacking styles of play.

Comfort and Speed

Given the racket's medium feel, you can expect a comfortable playability that maintains a fast response in different game scenarios. This makes it a great companion on the court as it can comfortably complement any style of play while ensuring speed and accuracy.

Material and Durability

The Enebe RSX Carbon 2023 thrives in strength and resilience thanks to its carbon fiber frame and Carbon 3K faces. This combination of materials reliably stands the test of time, giving the racket a substantial resistance to wear and tear. The Black EVA HR3 core, on the other hand, provides great playability and ball rebound, enhancing the overall game experience.


All in all, the Enebe RSX Carbon 2023 is a strategic option for players who value a balanced blend of power and control in a racket. Its impressive construction, accompanied by its impressive power-control equilibrium, make it a reliable performance enhancer on the padel court.

However, keep in mind your personal necessities when choosing a padel racket. Not every player may find the Enebe RSX Carbon 2023 to their liking due to its specific characteristics. But if you're in search of a trusted companion to boost your padel game, this could be an option worth considering. Remember, the perfect padel racket could make all the difference in your performance, so choose wisely!

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