Enebe Spitfire 2022

Explore the power and control of the Enebe Spitfire 2022 Padel Racket, made with robust Carbon Fiber and an EVA HR3 core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




360 - 375 gr




High Recovery HR3 EVA


12K Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

Enebe Spitfire 2022

Today, we'll be putting a spotlight on a racket that's caught our attention - the Enebe Spitfire 2022. Crafted by the renowned brand, Enebe, this racket features a mix of remarkable power, precise control and remarkable recovery, promising an enjoyable experience on the padel court. Read on to find out whether it's the racket you've been searching for.


Shape and Balance

The Enebe Spitfire 2022 boasts a tear shape, which is noteworthy for its performance in terms of power and control balance. This particular design helps in distributing weight across the racket evenly, creating a sense of balance during your swings, which in turn, can contribute to improved shot accuracy.

Grip and Feel

One of the standout elements about the Enebe Spitfire 2022 is the medium feel of its grip. This characteristic balances perfectly between firm and soft touch, providing an excellent degree of control, which comes in particularly handy during extended games. The medium feel also aids in retaining an optimal level of playability, even during prolonged periods of play.

Power and Control

The Enebe Spitfire 2022 stands head and shoulders above many of its peers when it comes to power and control aspects. Its power-control equilibrium is something truly impressive, making it a potent weapon in both offensive and defensive plays.


Thanks to its well-rounded design, the Enebe Spitfire 2022 offers great maneuverability. It responds swiftly during the game, maintaining an excellent balance of speed and precision. This ensures you won't be caught flat-footed, no matter how fast or unpredictable your opponent's shots may be.

Rebound Quality

Enebe Spitfire 2022 doesn't fall short when it comes to the quality of rebound either. The composition of its EVA HR3 high recovery core works wonderfully to efficiently absorb and return the ball with precision and control. This feature helps you continually apply pressure on your opponents, by retaining ball speed and direction better.

Material and Durability

Constructed with a carbon fiber frame and faces, the Enebe Spitfire 2022 brings on board robustness and longevity. This construction ensures the racket stays resistant to wear and tear, promising a long-lasting performance on the court. Despite the serious durability, it's important to note color choices for this racket may not cater to everyone's taste.


To sum up, the Enebe Spitfire 2022 offers an impressive balance between power and control with a focus on precision and recovery. Its comfortable medium feel grip, coupled with an excellent durable composition, make it a worthy companion on the padel court.

Remember, choosing the right racket is crucial for your performance on the padel court. The Enebe Spitfire 2022 shines through its tear shape design, excellent rebound quality and overall durability. Make sure these aspects align with your playing style and preferences before stepping up to the court. Happy gaming!

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