Head Flash Negra 2023

Explore the Head Flash Negra 2023; a medium-soft tear shaped padel racket boasting Innegra faces and power FOAM core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.4




350 - 370 gr




Power FOAM




Carbon Fiber


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Updated on 15 May (shipping cost not calculated)

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Head Flash Negra 2023

Looking to take your padel game to the next level? Say hello to the Head Flash Negra 2023 from Head, a leading brand in the world of racquet sports. This padel racket caters to versatile players who are seeking the unique combination of power, control, and durability.


Keeping in mind the requirements of intermediate-level players, the Head Flash Negra 2023 delivers an impressive blend of performance factors.

Shape and Balance

Developed with a Tear shape, this racket offers a perfect harmony between power and control. The shape intends an adequate sweet spot placement, paving the way for consistent and effective shots.


What stood out about the Head Flash Negra 2023 during the test play was the feel of the grip. The grip size seemed to fit perfectly, enabling a compact and confident swing, without any discomfort even during extended matches.

Power and Control

Keeping both vital elements of the padel, power and control, in mind, the Head Flash Negra 2023 eases the toggling between control and power in different play situations. Rigorous shot placement drills and power tests came out brilliantly during the test run.

Comfort and Speed

In terms of providing comfort to the player, this racket offers a Medium-Soft feel, which adds to a player's comfort without compromising the responsiveness. Coupled with the balanced weight distribution, this results in a swift and powerful response perfect for high-pressure gameplay scenarios.

Material and Durability

Constructed with a Carbon Fiber frame, Innegra faces and a Power FOAM core, the Head Flash Negra 2023 is designed to withstand intense play conditions. Carbon Fiber gives strength and lightweight characteristics, while Innegra offers improved stability and shock absorption. Power FOAM provides low-density energy absorption, contributing to power along with reducing the vibration for comfortable gameplay.


In conclusion, the Head Flash Negra 2023 brings a unique combination of power and control to the table. Add to it the durability offered by the robust material composition and comfort of gameplay, this racket rises as a compelling choice for any padel player aiming to boost their game.

However, like any sports equipment, this racket will be a match made in heaven for some and just not the right feel for others. So, keep your style of play, comfort and personal preferences in mind while considering this racket. The Head Flash Negra 2023 can be a game-transforming choice on the padel court, offering an edge in the race to victory.

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