Head Gravity Elite 2022

Explore the Head Gravity Elite 2022, a versatile padel racket featuring a tear shape and medium-soft feel with a carbon fiber frame.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




355 - 375 gr




Power FOAM




Carbon fiber


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Head Gravity Elite 2022

In the dynamic and thrilling world of padel, your choice of racket is a game-changer. Therefore, achieving a blend of control, power, and comfort is pivotal. Enter the Head Gravity Elite 2022 - a high-performing padel racket offering an impressive blend of these crucial elements. With its unique characteristics and special features, it redefines the game for intermediate to advanced players.


Shape and Balance

The Head Gravity Elite 2022's shape is teardrop, offering a perfect balance between power and control. Especially suited for consistent players, this tailoring lets the racket's energy flow flawlessly during powerful strikes and enables precise control during softer rebounds.


The Head Gravity Elite 2022 features an admirably comfortable grip. Just right for cupping the hand, it promises dexterity and control, ensuring an engaging game irrespective of the length of the match.

Power and Control

The Head Gravity Elite 2022 excels in providing a balance of power and control. Its teardrop shape sports a larger sweet spot which optimizes powerful strikes. Furthermore, the medium-soft feel of the racket boosts control, keeping the ball on track and taking the game forward adroitly.

Agility and Handling

In terms of maneuverability, the Head Gravity Elite 2022 impresses us positively. The balanced distribution of weight across the padel racket guarantees swiftness in response and fluid play.

Material and Durability

Featuring a frame of carbon fiber, the body of the Head Gravity Elite 2022 promises longevity and resilience. The faces, designed with fiberglass, add to the racket's flexibility and endurance, ensuring that it stands firm even through aggressive games. Its core, made up of Power FOAM, not only enhances the durability aspect but also accentuates the power stokes.


In winding up, for those seeking a comfortable yet powerful tool in the court, the Head Gravity Elite 2022 is your pick. This padel racket, with its enhanced maneuverability, improved power, and control and substantial durability, promises an elevated gaming experience.

Nevertheless, ponder the racket's features aligning with your skills and game style before going for it. The Head Gravity Elite 2022 may not be as effective for beginners considering its intricate design. But for seasoned players aiming for noteworthy upliftment in their gaming style, the Head Gravity Elite 2022 will not disappoint.

In the realm of padel, the right racket can transform your game, so evaluate these aspects carefully before calling your shot. Here's to thrilling times ahead in the world of padel!

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