Nox AT.2 Genius LTD Limited Edition 2023

Review on the high-quality Nox AT.2 Genius LTD Limited Edition 2023 padel racket. Best for professional use.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.1




360 - 375 gr






18K Carbon Fiber


100% Carbon

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Nox AT.2 Genius LTD Limited Edition 2023

From the esteemed brand of Nox, comes the latest iteration of padel rackets, the Nox AT.2 Genius LTD Limited Edition 2023. Crafted with an impeccable design and top-notch materials, this paddle racket stands as a testament to Nox's commitment to delivering nothing but the best.


Shape and Balance

The Nox AT.2 Genius LTD Limited Edition 2023 takes the classic tear shape that is popular among many padel players and adds a unique Nox twist to it. This shape allows for an excellent control-power balance, ensuring a satisfactory gameplay experience.

Feel and Balance

The racket has a medium-hard feel, which contributes significantly to its playability. This allows you to enjoy a good blend of control and power during gameplay. Its well-distributed balance ensures stability during swings, enhancing shot precision and playability.


*One of the factors that stood out during my testing of the Nox AT.2 Genius LTD Limited Edition 2023 was the racket's comfortable grip size. The standard size fitted snugly, providing both comfort and control over the racket during gameplay. This significantly improved playability, especially during lengthy sessions.

Material and Durability

The frame is made of 100% carbon, which not only makes it highly durable but also contributes to its superior performance. Moreover, the faces of the racket are made from 18K Carbon Fiber, regarded as one of the best materials for enhanced resistance and longevity. Furthermore, the core of the racket incorporates HR3 EVA, which significantly improves rebound control and strength.

Core and Faces

The EVA HR3 core gives the racket the resilience it needs to withstand intense gameplay. Not only does this improve the racket’s shock absorption, but it also significantly enhances its durability. The Carbon Fiber 18K faces add to the control and power balance, making this racket a robust addition to any player's collection.


Within the world of padel rackets, the Nox AT.2 Genius LTD Limited Edition 2023 certainly stands out. Its exceptional power-control equilibrium, combined with remarkable maneuverability and a sizeable sweet spot, offers players a dominant presence on the court.

However, as with any sports equipment, it's essential to consider its compatibility with your skills and gameplay style. Seasoned players looking to take their game to the next level might find this racket appealing. For less experienced players, the supreme level of precision and control that this racket provides can certainly help boost their game.

Indeed, choosing the right racket significantly impacts your performance within the padel court, so always consider these factors before making a decision. Wishing you the best in your journey in the thrilling world of padel!

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