Nox AT Luxury Attack 18K 2024

Experience performance with the Nox AT Luxury Attack 18K 2024 Padel Racket. Exclusive for 2024, 100% carbon frame and diamond shape.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




360 - 375 gr






18K Aluminized Carbon


100% Carbon


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Updated on 11 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Nox AT Luxury Attack 18K 2024

The Nox AT Luxury Attack 18K 2024 is a marvel of a padel racket that pulls no punches. This advanced piece of gear, carrying the well-known Nox brand, ensures an excellent mix of power, control, and overall playability that is sure to enhance your gaming experience on the padel court.


From the first glance, it's evident that significant thought and attention have been given to its entire build, making it a solid performance-driven choice for any ambitious player.

Shape and Balance

The AT Luxury Attack boasts a diamond shape, exuding an aggressive design that leans more towards attack performance. As a result, this shape gives it a higher than average sweet spot, perfect for those high-impact smashes.

Also, you'll find this racket pretty balanced when it comes to shot precision, thanks in part to the even distribution of weight across its body. This balance ensures stable swings, catering to your control needs on the court.


The Nox AT Luxury Attack shows its luxury in terms of comfort and usability with an ergonomic grip fitting snugly into your hand. It bids farewell to discomfort during long matches, ensuring excellent playability so you can concentrate on scoring big.

Power and Control

The AT Luxury Attack does an outstanding job of balancing power and control. Despite the diamond shape implying a focus on power, the racket shines in maintaining control, making it an all-rounder in the true sense.

Comfort and Speed

Another compelling aspect of the AT Luxury Attack is its blend of comfort and speed. The racket's balance adds to its swift response on the pitch, showing impressive speed and precision. Whether you're defending your side or attacking with power, this racket stands with you.

Material and Durability

Constructed of 100% Carbon on the frame and furnished with 18K Carbon Aluminized faces, the AT Luxury Attack treads no line when it comes to durability. The racket's resilience in the face of vigorous play is commendable.

Its core comprises the MLD Black EVA, which adds to the racket's longevity, promising you long-term performance that doesn't back down. The only downside might be that the racket doesn't offer an expansive color palette for you to choose from.


In summary, the Nox AT Luxury Attack 18K 2024 is a fantastic choice for the player looking for an upgrade in their game. It offers potent power, precise control, and comfortable playability, already making it a favorite among fans.

Even if it seems a bit daunting for beginners due to its advanced design, it's still worth noting its superior performance capabilities. Bonus points for Nox balancing the aggressive diamond shape with such control finesse.

However, the most important thing to factor in while choosing a racket like the Nox AT Luxury Attack is whether it aligns well with your playing style and objectives. And though it may seem a bit heavier than its rivals, its advanced features outrank this minor setback.

This Nox racket is here to enhance your skills, contributing to both your growth and development in padel. By choosing it, you opt for a faithful playing companion that certainly won't let you down on the court. Now, it's your move!

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