Nox AT10 Genius 12K 2024

Review of the high-performing Nox AT10 Genius 12K 2024 padel racket. Learn about its top-notch materials and how it boosts your game.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.9




360 - 375 gr






12K Carbon


100% Carbon

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Nox AT10 Genius 12K 2024

The Nox AT10 Genius 12k 2024 is a padel racket that hits the mark on many fronts. Given my affinity for high-performance rackets, this one from Nox carries a lot of positive attributes that impress at first try. So, let's delve into the features that make this racket stand out.


From the outset, the Nox AT10 Genius 12k 2024 carries a distinctive, professional look that calls for attention on the padel court.

Shape and Balance

Designed with a tear shape, this padel racket from Nox is perfectly balanced, offering a unique blend of control and power. It brings about a sense of stability while playing, which results in more accurate shots.

Grip and Comfort

Grip and comfort are critical for any player, and the Nox AT10 Genius 12k 2024 doesn't disappoint. During my testing sessions, I found the grip to be comfortable, allowing for a precise control that promises an enjoyable match.

Beautiful Shot Spectrum

One feature that stands out for me is the diverse range of shots that can be achieved with this racket. It excels in delivering both explosive smashes and delicately placed strategic shots, making it a versatile choice for any padel enthusiast.

Material and Durability

The Nox AT10 Genius 12k 2024 showcases quality craftsmanship with a 100% carbon frame, 12K carbon faces, and an MLD Black EVA core. These high-grade materials ensure the racket's durability, guaranteeing it will stay in tip-top shape even after prolonged use and intense play.

Power and Control

For me, this is where the Nox AT10 Genius 12k 2024 truly shines. The power and control that this racket promises align with my personal preference for an aggressive yet calculated style of play. I especially appreciate the superior response on hard hits.

Feel and Response

The Nox AT10 Genius 12k 2024 offering a medium-hard feel, a feature ideal for players who gravitate towards an aggressive style of play. It serves up a robust responsiveness that I found to be an asset when controlling the ball on quick exchanges.


All in all, it's safe to say that the Nox AT10 Genius 12k 2024 earns its place among top-tier padel rackets. With exceptional performance in terms of power, control, and comfort, it's certainly worth considering for any player looking to elevate their game on the padel court. However, as always, it's essential to note that its features might better suit some play styles more than others. Forge your own opinion by giving it a try, and you might just find it to be a perfect fit for your padel arsenal.

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