Nox LA10 Future 2024

Review of the high-end Nox LA10 Future 2024 padel racket. Perfect for advanced players seeking power and control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




360 - 375 gr






Aluminized Carbon 12K


100% Carbon

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Nox LA10 Future 2024

In the world of padel, the Nox LA10 Future 2024 certainly deserves a spot in the limelight for its exceptional blend of performance and quality. Specifically designed for those keen on experiencing superior playability, this model is a well-rounded choice that can genuinely enhance your prowess on the court.


The Nox LA10 Future 2024 shines bright with its impressive features. Let's delve into them.

Shape and Balance

Crafted in a diamond shape, the racket majors in power delivery while also holding its own in the control department. Its design facilitates easy manoeuvrability, allowing players to execute accurate shots with excellent precision.


The Nox LA10 Future 2024 scores brownie points for its snug grip, offering not just comfort, but also a sense of control that makes it easier for players to tame the game during extended matches.

Power and Control

The power and control of the Nox LA10 Future 2024 takes one's playing experience up by several notches. Whether you are on the offensive or defensive, this racket is an ally you can depend on.

Comfort and Speed

This model is a star when it comes to comfort and speed. Its well-balanced design and ergonomic grip make using it a pleasure, even for long-duration matches. Combine that with a swift response time, and you’ve got a racket that offers a sublime blend of pace and precision.

Material and Durability

This Nox model's durability is undeniable. With a 100% carbon frame and aluminized carbon 12K faces, it is built to withstand the rigours of intense play. The EVA HR3 core further bolsters its robustness, ensuring its longevity for seasons to come.


Looking at its unique blend of power, control, and resilience, the Nox LA10 Future 2024 positions itself as a strong contender for those aiming to make their mark on the padel court. While its diamond shape design caters wonderfully to power hitters, it may pose a slight challenge to beginners. But for those willing to invest time in mastering this racket, it’s a compelling choice that could positively impact your game.

Take into account your unique playstyle and specific needs before making the final decision. After all, the right racket could significantly transform your performance on the court, and the Nox LA10 Future 2024 could very well be that game-changer for you.

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