Nox VK10 Luxury 2023

Review of the Nox VK10 Luxury 2023 padel racket, featuring a round shape and medium-soft feel. A perfect blend of power and control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




360 - 375 gr






1 metallic fiberglass layer and other fiberglass layers


100% Carbon

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Nox VK10 Luxury 2023

The Nox VK10 Luxury 2023 racket, from the renowned brand Nox, is an impressive entry into their 2023 lineup. Designed with the seasoned player in mind, this racket expertly brings together the varied aspects of power, control, and comfort, providing an elevated playing experience. Here is our in-depth review.


Feel and Balance

With its medium-soft feel, the Nox VK10 Luxury 2023 offers a balanced playing experience that merges power with control. Its round shape lends a natural feel to the hand and aids in maintaining a consistent swing.

Playing with the Nox VK10 Luxury 2023

While using the Nox VK10 Luxury 2023, the racket's ample sweet spot became evident. This guarantees consistency in your shots, enhancing overall accuracy and control. The racket provides a stable feel and can be manipulated with ease to deliver precise shots.


The grip of the Nox VK10 Luxury 2023 is an outstanding feature, providing a firm yet comfortable hold that allows for sustained playability.

Power and Control

Harnessing the Power of this Racket

The Nox VK10 Luxury 2023 perhaps shines the most in its delivery of power. While it might not be the most forceful racket on the market, it packs a satisfying punch that integrates well with its control-oriented design.

Achieving Control with this Racket

With a control rating that outshines many of its competitors, Nox VK10 Luxury 2023 delivers precision in its gameplay. The design and balance ensure even weight distribution, helping maintain grip and stability for precise shots.

Material and Durability

Construction Quality

Nox VK10 Luxury 2023 boasts a 100% carbon frame, known for its excellent durability and resistance against wear and tear. This material promises a higher longevity even under rough usage, making it an attractive long-term investment.

Racket Faces and Core

The racket faces are made up of metallic fiber and fiberglass layers, which contribute to the racket's power while also adding to its durability. The core of the racket is comprised of EVA HR3, a popular choice due to its lightweight nature and positive impact on the racket's control aspects.


The Nox VK10 Luxury 2023 excels in merging power with control. Its comfortable grip, medium-soft feel, and superior materials culminate in a racket that promises an engaging and rewarding padel experience. Its design and structural aesthetics align well with its premium positioning, making it a worthy choice for dedicated players.

While it's worth every cent, it's crucial for players to identify if its features align with their gameplay style. Its commanding presence, power, and superior control make it an appealing pick for any player seeking to enhance their padel performance. Remember, the right racket can be a game-changer. So choose wisely and enjoy the beautiful game of padel!

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