Oxdog Ultimate Pro Plus 2024

Explore the Oxdog Ultimate Pro Plus 2024 padel racket for peak performance and power. Perfect for advanced players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.3




370 gr




EVA Hard


HES Carbon


Carbon Fiber

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Oxdog Ultimate Pro Plus 2024

In the ever-competitive space of padel, the Oxdog Ultimate Pro Plus 2024 stands out, and for several reasons. This racket blends an unmistakable combination of technology and design to cater to players who strive to dominate the court from any position. Known for its distinctive characteristics, the Oxdog Ultimate Pro Plus delivers particularly on attack, promising to elevate a player’s game with a mix of power and precision that's hard to ignore.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

With a diamond shape, the Oxdog Ultimate Pro Plus is unapologetically offense-oriented, giving players that extra edge during forceful shots. Its high balance point accentuates the racket's predisposition for attack, making it a potent tool for aggressive players.

Materials and Touch

The frame constructed of carbon fiber speaks of durability and strength, while the HES Carbon used for the racket's faces ensures a hard feel for impactful shot-making. The EVA Dura core is engineered for resilience, providing a solid foundation for power shots.


The Oxdog Ultimate Pro Plus encompasses a suite of technological advancements designed to enhance in-game performance. The Double Size Holes (DSH) system optimizes playability even when the ball hits off-center, while SilentSpeed technology diminishes vibration for a quieter impact.

Another feature, PowerRibs, introduces structural strength to the frame, effectively dampening vibration and improving balance. Notably, the implementation of Vibradamp with silicone inserts below the grip further reduces vibration, mitigating arm strain and enhancing comfort.

Game Performance

Defensive Play

At the back of the court, the racket offers good maneuverability despite its attack-centric design. The defensive play can, however, require a bit of adjustment due to the racket's shape and balance, yet it manages to provide a comfortable level of agility.

Net Play

Its aggressive nature shines at the net. The racket’s diamond shape brings the power and the sandy-type surface finish allows for effective volley effects and overhead shots. The sweet spot is well-positioned for executing precise volleys and smashes.


The Oxdog Ultimate Pro Plus is a powerhouse when it comes to smashes, aiding players in producing shots that can potentially end rallies in decisive fashion. The racket’s design facilitates a leverage effect, which can be hugely beneficial in aggressive net play.


True to its namesake, the Oxdog Ultimate Pro Plus certainly adds a 'plus' to the player's on-court prowess. It's hard feel and diamond shape are perfect for the player who is attack-minded and looks to control the pace and power of the game. However, it does ask of the player to have a developed technique and physical fortitude to unleash its full potential. With this racket, a competitive player gains an ally for those intense exchanges at the net and the confidence needed to execute powerful, match-winning shots.

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