Puma Solar Blink CTR 2022

Unleash your padel game with the Puma Solar Blink CTR 2022. Discover its fibra de carbono frame, fibra de vidrio faces & EVA soft core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.9




350 - 375 gr




EVA Soft




Carbon fiber

Puma Solar Blink CTR 2022

If you're into padel, and in particular, in search of a racket with a unique blend of power, control, rebound, and a medium-soft feel, then the Puma Solar Blink CTR 2022 is worth taking into consideration. This advanced racket, designed meticulously by Puma, aims to offer a remarkable mix of elements that allow for an incomparable gaming experience.


This review will delve into the significant aspects of the Puma Solar Blink CTR 2022, dissecting its shape, grip, and other striking features.

Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Puma Solar Blink CTR 2022 greatly influences its overall balance and control. In particular, this shape enables an even distribution of weight across the racket, which makes handling smooth, ensuring exceptional shot precision.

Grip Comfort

Upon trying this racket, one is sure to notice the comfort it affords. Its grip size is ideally crafted, fitting snugly inside any average palm. This enhances playability during long, drawn-out matches, ensuring an impressive level of grip comfort.

Power and Control

The power, matched with control, is where the Puma Solar Blink CTR 2022 shines brightly. With this racket in hand, players can experience an undeniable power boost, all while maintaining a surprisingly smooth, controlling playstyle. It's exactly what's needed for those critical offensive and defensive plays on the court.

Speed and Rebound

The Puma Solar Blink CTR 2022 is notable for its seamless blend of speed and precision. Its weight distribution supports swift responses and movements during games, setting up opponents for the perfect rebound.

Materials and Durability

Coupled with a host of impressive features is the Puma Solar Blink CTR 2022’s sturdy construction. The carbon fiber frame, coupled with glass fiber faces and a EVA Soft core, offers guaranteed resilience against constant wear, ensuring its longevity even amidst intense play. This combination of materials not only contributes to its solid build but also adds a soft-medium feel, improving overall ball impact absorption, which is essential for intensive games.


In sum, the Puma Solar Blink CTR 2022 positions itself as a great choice for players who desire power, control, and durability in one package. It showcases a befitting balance of these traits which, when put to play on the padel court, are assured to transform your game into a greater level.

While it shines in many areas, it's essential to assess whether the design and performance align with your playing style and level of experience. It’s important to make a carefully calculated choice as having the right racket can completely alter your performance. We hope you found this review helpful, and wish you the best in your search and padel endeavors.

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