Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Hybrid 2023

Explore the 2023 season's Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Hybrid, a round-shaped racket with a medium feel. Crafted with a fiberglass frame and faces, and a Polyethylene+EVA core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9




360 - 380 gr




Hybrid Polyethylene+EVA





Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Hybrid 2023

For the experienced or amateur padel player, the Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Hybrid 2023 paves the way for an excellent gaming experience. Mirroring an impressive blend of optimal control and power balance, the racket emerges as a favourite among many. Upon analysis, it's clear that the Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Hybrid 2023 offers stellar functionality, from its round shape to its medium feel.


Shape and Balance

The Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Hybrid 2023 boasts a round shape that significantly contributes to its superior control. This shape ensures an even distribution of weight across the racket, providing stability during swings and enhancing shot precision.

Medium Feel

Add to the mix the medium feel, which substantially boosts player control without compromising on shot power. It's a balanced racket offering medium levels of flexibility and hardness to satisfy every player type.


What sets apart this racket is its comfortable grip size. Being standard across the industry, it fits snuggly into the player's hand while providing comfort and control. This feature particularly aids in prolonging high-level playability in lengthy matches.

Material and Durability

Unquestionably, the durability and material quality of the Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Hybrid 2023 is notable. The entire racket, including the frame and faces, is constructed using Fiberglass, known for its superior quality. The core, a hybrid mix of Polyethylene+EVA, reinforces the racket's durability and stability.

Frame and Faces

The fiberglass used for the frame and faces only serves to extend the lifespan of this racket, making it resilient to intense gameplay and wear and tear.


The hybrid Polyethylene+EVA core material fortifies the racket with optimal elasticity and power, ensuring balanced control.


As an overview, the Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Hybrid 2023 emerges as an outstanding choice for an elevated padel experience. With stellar power balance, control, comfortable grip, and impressive durability, it's an ideal companion on the court. It's worth considering whether the racket aligns with your particular needs. While it's exceptionally user-friendly and functional, one must consider their level of playing and maneuverability comfort.

However, if you're seeking to enhance your padel experience with a racket that merges quality, stability, control, and power, the Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Hybrid 2023 could be your best bet. Remember, the right racket can significantly impact your overall performance. Making the right choice based on all factors involved can transform your game in more ways than one.

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