Royal Padel RP M27 R Line Control X 2022

Unveil superior control with Royal Padel RP M27 R Line Control X 2022 with a medium-soft feel and round shape.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9




350 - 385 gr






Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

Royal Padel RP M27 R Line Control X 2022

As a lover of padel and passionate player myself, when the Royal Padel RP M27 R Line Control X 2022 racket came across my path, it instantly sparked my curiosity. With promising features relating to control and durability, I couldn't resist sharing my firsthand experience of this model with you.


This racket from Royal Padel showcases an intriguing combination of components and materials that contribute to its admirable performance in various aspects such as control, rebound capability, and maneuverability.

Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Royal Padel RP M27 R Line Control X 2022 directly contributes to its emphatic control on the padel court. This is paired with a medium-soft feel that provides a perfectly balanced blend of control and flexibility. The even distribution across the racket adds stability to your swings and increases shot accuracy when the game gets tough.


Upon handling this racket, my immediate sensation was the grip's comfortable fit. It offers a snug grip for prolonged control during long matches and aids in maintaining optimal playability.

Power and Control

The one area where the Royal Padel RP M27 R Line Control X 2022 unquestionably shines is control. Though its power prowess may not be at the top of the line, the superior control more than makes up for it. This feature boosts both your offensive and defensive game, providing a distinct advantage on the court.

Comfort and Speed

The Royal Padel racket impresses in terms of comfort. With its ergonomic design and pleasant in-hand feel, extended playtimes feel enjoyable rather than enduring. The racket's balance contributes to its quick response, providing a distinct advantage in terms of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

The use of carbon fiber in both the frame and faces of the RP M27 R Line Control X adds to its character, providing this racket with durability that is hard to match. Its core, constructed from polyethylene, ensures resistance to wear and tear, guaranteeing longevity even in high-intensity play.


After spending quality time with the Royal Padel RP M27 R Line Control X 2022, it's easy to conclude that it’s an excellent piece of equipment. With outstanding control, commendable comfort level, and noteworthy durability, it’s a worthy investment for any avid padel player.

That being said, it's crucial to remember that the right racket for each player depends on their individual needs and skills. If a high-control, durable racket appeals to you, Royal Padel RP M27 R Line Control X 2022 may be your perfect match. Regardless, every step in your padel journey should focus on enhancing your passion and love for the game.

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