Siux Black Carbon Revolution 3K

Explore the Siux Black Carbon Revolution 3K, 2022 model. Experience precision control with its Carbon 3K faces and EVA EHR core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




355 - 375 gr






3K Carbon


Carbon-Glass 50%-50%

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Siux Black Carbon Revolution 3K

In the world of padel, the Siux Black Carbon Revolution 3K shines as an impressive racket offering optimal performance and superior comfort. Tailor-made for players keen on improving their game, this racket marries control and power amid a backdrop of surprising durability. Here's what you should know.


Shape and Balance

The Siux Black Carbon Revolution 3K is built in a round shape which, coupled with its perfect balance, contributes to exceptional control, facilitating high precision on every shot. The balanced weight distribution gives a sense of stability, ensuring excellent shot accuracy.


The racket's grip feels incredibly comfortable, making the fit snug and secure. During lengthy engagements, this ensures both comfort and control, maintaining high levels of playability even over extended periods.

Core and Frame


The Siux Black Carbon Revolution 3K sports an EVA EHR core that is appreciated by experienced players due to its excellent response and resilience. It offers an ideal blend of power and control, providing a medium feel that translates to a consistent performance on the padel court.


The frame of the racket is constructed with a blend of 50% Carbon and 50% Glass materials, creating a robust and durable structure. This unique blend enhances the racket's resistance and durability, ensuring it can withstand intense games.

Power and Control

For the Siux Black Carbon Revolution 3K, the balance between power and control is striking. With a control rating that is favorably high, it makes for an excellent tool for players who prioritize controlling the ball on their shots. Additionally, the racket doesn't fall short in serving power for killer shots due to its well-structured core.

Comfort and Speed

Moving on to comfort, the Siux Black Carbon Revolution 3K isn't just about delivering raw power: its round shape and well-balanced distribution of weight make it comfortable to play with, even for extended periods. The racket's balance also contributes to a speedy, responsive feel on the court.

Material and Durability

Setting itself apart, the Siux Black Carbon Revolution 3K is built with 3K Carbon faces, which establish the racket as impressively durable, even under harsh playing conditions. Despite the rigorous gameplay, the resilience of the materials ensures the longevity of the racket, offering excellent value for your investment.


Bringing our evaluation to a close, the Siux Black Carbon Revolution 3K holds itself as a compelling option for players on the path to upping their game. The superb blend of comfort, durability, control, and power makes it a reliable ally on the padel court.

The final decision is, of course, subjective. Its subtle intricacies may suit some players perfectly, while others might prefer a racket with a different performance profile. Nonetheless, if you're after strategic control, significant power, and durability, the Siux Black Carbon Revolution 3K is undoubtedly worth considering. Keep in mind that the right racket can immensely influence your court performance. Good luck on your padel journey!

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