Siux Diablo Mate

Review of the Siux Diablo Mate padel racket, a high-quality model for advanced players. Features carbon frame and faces, EVA soft core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.7




355 - 375 gr




Soft EVA





Siux Diablo Mate

When it comes to breakthroughs in padel racket technology, the Siux Diablo Mate is undoubtedly a key player. This top-tier racket has been crafted specifically with seasoned players in mind, and strives to balance control and power in a way that enhances overall responsiveness and playability.


Feel & Materials

Boasting a medium feel, the Siux Diablo Mate is crafted with a Carbon frame and faces, providing durability and stability. It possesses an EVA Soft core, enhancing the feel of the racket and providing a perfect balance of power and control. With its tear shape, it's easy to experience a broad range of shot types, from powerful smashes to precise lobs. The medium-feel core ensures adequate energy transmission and substantial shock absorption, which significantly improves playability.

Court Performance

It's time to delve into how the Siux Diablo Mate fares in action.

Back-Court Performance

On the baseline, the Siux Diablo Mate exhibits excellence. The large sweet spot ensures that missed shots are minimized, a concept that is a game-changer for competitive play. The balance of power and control is apparent as the racket easily places shots between opponents, making defense seamless.

Lobs are expedited by the medium-hard feel of the racket. The Siux Diablo Mate provides control necessary for deep, accurately-placed lobs, which is beneficial for strategic plays.

When executing wall returns, it's the balance of power and control that shines once again. You have the liberty to be aggressive with your shots, without losing control.

Net Performance

With the Siux Diablo Mate, dominating at the net is a breeze. This racket promotes the power required for aggressive volleys, while the control ensures depth on every shot, key for game dominance.

When considering tray shots, we note the Siux Diablo Mate's excellent maneuverability. The unique sound produced by this Siux racket when making a tray shot is also an intriguing consideration, adding to the overall appeal of the racket.

Defending at the net is facilitated by the racket's familiar medium-hard feel. There's no need to fear about sending balls to the glass or achieving less than optimal court placement.

Smash Shots Performance

In terms of finishing points with a bang, the Siux Diablo Mate doesn’t disappoint. It delivers the power you need to drive the ball into your opponent’s court and thanks to its tear shape, smashing becomes an effortless task.

If your game includes lift smashes that aim to bounce over the fence, the Siux Diablo Mate makes that achievable. Finding the sweet spot for the right impact is made significantly easier, enhancing your game strategy.


In a nutshell, the Siux Diablo Mate is the epitome of perfection for a padel racket. The attention to detail in materials and construction exudes quality. The blend of power and control instills confidence from the moment you hold the racket. Is it worth the investment? In my opinion, even though it might be a steep spend, the level of performance and exclusivity it provides justifies the cost. Note, however, that it's not a racket that suits everyone's budget.

Never forget the power of the player is equally as own important as the racket itself. Therefore, spend time understanding what style of game you play and which racket compliments this best. The Siux Diablo Mate might just be the perfect companion for your journey in the exciting world of padel.

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