Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro

Review of the Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro Padel Racket - for exceptional control and power in your game.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.3




355 - 375 gr




EVA Soft HR3


15K Carbon


100% Carbon

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Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro

The Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro is a racket that's been impressive in the Padel world, and with good reason. Its features promise unrivalled performance on the court, making it a top contender in the game. This piece offers a comprehensive review of its outstanding components, providing a better understanding of this Padel weapon.


Shape and Balance

Having a tear shape, the Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro has a lot to offer when it comes to balance and control. This shape promotes an even weight distribution, making your shots significantly accurate. It gives you a stable feel while swinging, contributing to a sense of overall steadiness during a match.

Grip and Feel

When it comes to grip, the Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro stands out. The grip size is perfect for most hands, offering both comfort and control during the game. The controls seem to be in your hand, and this racket has the character of a medium-feel feedback. This aid ensures playability is maintained even during extended play.

Power and Control

Power and control are the two main gears that drive any Padel game, and this racket comes fully equipped in this regard. Its balance of power against control makes it a masterstroke in the Padel game, providing that edge in both offensive and defensive strokes.


Speed is of the essence in Padel, and this racket does not lag behind. Its nimble response is attributable to its balance, offering the precision of speed required for every high-stakes game.

Materials and Durability

A closer look at the materials used for this racket brings more understanding to its structural integrity. The frame boasts 100% carbon, which assures unrivalled sturdiness. The faces of the racket are made from 15K Carbon, while its core features an EVA Soft HR3, enhancing its durability. These materials guarantee resistance to wear and tear, making the racket's lifespan impressive even in the face of heavy-duty play.


In conclusion, the Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro makes a strong case for anyone willing to raise their Padel game. Its well-crafted blend of power and control, along with its comfortable grip, not only make it a durable companion but also a game-changing tool on the Padel court.

Despite its premium features, it's essential to assess whether its attributes align with your personal playing style or needs. Keep in mind to get the right product that fits into your Padel journey perfectly. Here's wishing you the best in selecting a racket that aligns with your unique needs and strengths. Enjoy your game. Will meet in the court!

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