Siux Evoque 3 AIR

Experience superior control with the Siux Evoque 3 AIR, a medium-soft feel padel racket with a unique tear shape and high-quality materials.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




340 - 360 gr




Soft EVA


3K Carbon


50% Carbon - 50% Glass

Siux Evoque 3 AIR

In the realm of padel rackets, the Siux Evoque 3 AIR is undoubtedly a standout. Decked with advanced features and superior construction, this racket showcases an effective blend of control, power, and overall playability, aptly suiting intermediate to advanced skill levels.


Shape and Balance

Designed in a tear shape, the Siux Evoque 3 AIR lends itself to a balanced playstyle, favoring neither power nor control overly. The sound equilibrium achieved due to this design implies a consistent playing experience with precise shots.

Balance of Power and Control

Despite maintaining a good overall balance, the Siux Evoque 3 AIR leans slightly towards control, thus being comfortable for players preferring that style of play. The tear shape design allows for an expanded sweet spot, leading to greater shot precision and control.


While testing, the ergonomic handling of the Siux Evoque 3 AIR certainly caught our attention. The standard grip size, coupled with its firm hold, ensures long hours of comfortable grip, improving both maneuverability and accuracy.

Material and Durability

As anticipated from a reputable brand like Siux, the Evoque 3 AIR's construction boasts durability and strength. The frame is cleverly composed of 50% Carbon and 50% Glass lending it firmness and resilience, and the 3K Carbon faces and EVA Soft core also add to the racket's durability quotient. This powerful combination ensures minimum wear and tear, enabling a longer lifespan for the racket.


Overall, the Siux Evoque 3 AIR is a commendable choice for players aiming for a controlled yet powerful game, offering advanced features and lasting durability. Its balanced design and comfortable grip ease the gameplay, while the materials used for construction ensure its longevity.

However, it's worth noting that this racket's fairness between power and control may not adhere to all playing styles. Players who heavily favor either power or control might not find their exact match here. That being said, for those seeking a well-rounded experience on the court, the Siux Evoque 3 AIR is a robust choice.

As always, selecting the right padel racket depends on your personal playing style and comforts. Carefully consider all factors to make an informed decision. Here's wishing you all the best on your padel journey!

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