Siux Optimus Pro 4.0

Experience superior gameplay with the Siux Optimus Pro 4.0 padel racket, crafted with Fibra de Vidrio and EVA Soft EHR core for enhanced control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.1




355 - 375 gr








Bitubular Fiberglass

Siux Optimus Pro 4.0

In the world of padel, it's a never-ending pursuit to find the perfect racket that merges power, control, and comfort in one package. The Siux Optimus Pro 4.0 is one that caught my attention. Let us delve into an in-depth review of this exceptional padel racket.


The Siux Optimus Pro 4.0, a masterpiece by the famed Siux brand, is the epitome of an exceptional blend of performance and majestic design. As someone who's had the opportunity to test this racket, there are several features that stand out.

Shape and Balance

In terms of design, the teardrop shape of the Siux Optimus Pro 4.0 offers the perfect balance between power and control. The teardrop shape ensures an even distribution of force across the padel, thereby achieving excellent power control, resulting in shots that are targeted with precision.


With a conveniently comfortable grip, the Siux Optimus Pro 4.0 offers the opportunity to play for prolonged periods without compromising on comfort. The neutral and cozy grip size aids in maintaining a fantastic level of control over your shots, invigorating your overall game experience.

Power and Control

The Siux Optimus Pro 4.0 offers excellent power with outstanding control. This power-control balance is mainly achieved through its structure and the materials used in its construction. The medium-soft feel offers players that extra bit of touch, essential for strategic placement and power shots.

Comfort and Speed

The racket's comfort and effortless maneuverability are stand-out features, with its optimal balance ensuring swift and precise responses. Whether your game style is defensive or offensive, the Siux Optimus Pro 4.0 caters to all your needs with its excellent combination of speed and accuracy.

Material and Durability

A standout feature of the Siux Optimus Pro 4.0 is the choice of materials used. The bitubular fiberglass frame and fiberglass faces enhance its durability under the most competitive conditions, providing a good degree of resistance to wearing out. The EVA Soft EHR core adds a touch of softness, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the racket.


Wrapping up, the Siux Optimus Pro 4.0 promises an all-rounded performance that caters to the needs of all types of padel players. Its powerful yet controlled playability, coupled with a comfortable grip, ensures a great match experience.

However, players should be mindful that the sophisticated design of this racket might present a small challenge for beginners. Ultimately, the Siux Optimus Pro 4.0 is an excellent racket that favors players looking for a reliable, performance-focused tool to elevate their game on the court.

Choosing the right racket has a massive impact on your overall performance, so it's always advisable to weigh these factors confidently before making a decision. Happy matches in the ever-enthusing world of padel!

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