Siux Raven 18K Hybrid

Explore the Siux Raven 18K Hybrid, a medium-soft padel racket designed for advanced players, made with 100% carbon frame for unbeatable durability.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.9




355 - 375 gr






18K Carbon, Fiberglass


100% Carbon

Siux Raven 18K Hybrid

From the renowned Siux brand, the Siux Raven 18K Hybrid deserves its rightful spot as one of the sought-after padel rackets in the 2021 season. This review aims to present a comprehensive evaluation of its features and performance on the court.

Shape and Balance

With an efficient tear shape, the Siux Raven 18K Hybrid exudes a brilliant mix of control and power. The brilliant design of its geometry significantly contributes to achieving a delicate balance, providing players a sense of stability in their swings which translates into impeccable shot precision.

Sweet Spot

One paramount feature of the Raven 18K Hybrid is its notably excellent sweet spot. The strategic placement and considerable size of the sweet spot even out the response across the face, promoting increased shot reliability even when the ball doesn't hit the center of the racket.

Material and Durability

One key strength of the Siux Raven 18K Hybrid is its choice of high-end materials that aims for greater durability and high performance. Its 100% Carbon frame paired with Carbon 18K and Fiberglass faces together enhances the racket's resilience and strength. This makes it highly resistant to wear and tear, providing a long-lasting gaming companion.


Equipped with an EVA Soft EHR core, the Siux Raven 18K Hybrid guarantees extra softness while maintaining its firmness. The core ably preserves ball contact, providing remarkably higher control with a softer feel for an enjoyable game experience.

Power and Control

The Raven 18K Hybrid is a testimony of Siux's dedication to ‘power and control’ integration. This racket leverages its design and materials brilliantly, maintaining a perfect equilibrium between power and control that allows players to shine in both defensive and attacking scenarios.

Comfort and Speed

Maneuverability is another aspect where this Siux creation excels, primarily due to its innovative design. Comfort during extensive matches and swift response are advantages that make this racket a worthy partner on the court.

Racket Feel

The medium-soft feel of the Siux Raven 18K Hybrid creates a comfortable yet firm grip, making it pleasant for players during extended periods of play. This also aids in reducing the occurrence of injuries or discomfort commonly associated with prolonged matches.


In conclusion, the Siux Raven 18K Hybrid emerges as an undeniable frontrunner for its features, performance, and comfort on the padel court. Its innovative design, durability, and just the right balance of power and control make it a reliable choice for padel players.

Still, it's most beneficial to consider your playing style and preferences when choosing a racket. The Siux Raven 18K Hybrid is a fantastic choice for those who value a blend of power, control, and comfort. Still, beginners or players with specific requirements may find other options more suitable. Regardless, the right choice will undoubtedly support you on your journey to master the wonderful world of padel.

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