Siux Subzero 2.0 Brillo

Check out our detailed review on the 2022 Siux Subzero 2.0 Brillo Padel Racket featuring a diamond shape, medium feel and made of Bitubular Carbono.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.6




355 - 375 gr




Black EVA


3K Carbon


Bitubular Carbon

Siux Subzero 2.0 Brillo

With Siux continuously being at the forefront of padel racket innovation, the Siux Subzero 2.0 Brillo is no exception. Crafted for astounding performance on the court, this recently launched model is making waves in the world of padel, becoming a go-to choice for many players seeking balance in power, control, and finesse playability.


Renowned for its impressive tech specifications and sleek design, the Siux Subzero 2.0 Brillo not only presents a treat for the eyes with its dazzling aesthetics but ensures a high-intense gaming experience that's hard to rival.

Shape and Balance

Boasting a diamond shape, the Siux Subzero 2.0 Brillo embeds increased power and speed predominantly in the upper part of the racket, allowing for powerful smashes and high-speed shots. The balance, slightly directed towards the head, facilitates power without detracting from the essential control.


Comfort and control emanate from the racket's standard grip size, ideal for every enthusiast. In those tense match-deciding moments, the firm yet comfortable hold of the Siux Subzero 2.0 Brillo ensures that you stay ahead of your opponent with consistent control and stability.

Material and Durability

When it comes to the resilience of a padel racket, the Siux Subzero 2.0 Brillo does not fall short. Touting a bitubular carbon frame, paired with faces manufactured with Carbono 3K, the racket offers superior strength and durability, essential for intense matches.

Underneath its rock-hard surfaces, the Black EVA core lies, enhancing the racket's responsiveness, adding a compelling touch to the overall feel, and ensuring a solid rebound.

Playing Feel

Matching its formidable construction, the Siux Subzero 2.0 Brillo offers a medium feel—subtle blend of soft and hard—that works for most types of players. It provides an equal balance of power and control, ensuring a well-rounded performance, whether you're on the offensive or playing defensively.


To conclude, the Siux Subzero 2.0 Brillo is an incredible powerhouse within the world of padel rackets. It delivers a balance of outstanding durability and playability, topped with a design that emanates one-of-a-kind aesthetics.

However, ensure to consider whether its specifications align with your style of play. The diamond shape and the slightly head-heavy balance favor power hitters, but this shouldn't be a deal-breaker if you're up for the challenge.

On the padel court, the right racket can make all the difference, making the Siux Subzero 2.0 Brillo a worthy contender for your consideration.

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