Siux Trilogy 3 Control

Explore the superior control and medium feel of the Siux Trilogy 3 Control Padel Racket. Manufactured with 100% Carbon frame and EVA Core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.9




355 - 375 gr




Medium EVA


24K Silver Carbon


100% Carbon

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Siux Trilogy 3 Control

Allow me to share my experience and insights on the Siux Trilogy 3 Control, a padel racket that has made a notable impact on the market and on the court. This racket, crafted meticulously by the renowned brand Siux, boasts of a mix of control, playability, and consistent performance that sets it apart from its competition.


Shape and Balance

Shaped in the classic round mould, the Siux Trilogy 3 Control, ensures a finely balanced profile. This round shape complements its control-centric traits, promoting accuracy in every stroke. Additionally, the discipline of its balance optimally radiates a sense of dependability during swings, enabling a remarkable precision in shot delivery.

Balanced Feel

With a Medium Feel, chosen meticulously by Siux, the racket provides the user with a balanced feel, making it easier to adapt to varying play styles and situations on the court. This furthers its control quotient, providing enhanced return quality even in intensified match situations.

Grip and Control

What caught my attention during my interaction with this racket was its affluent control potential. Backed by the balanced feel and round shape, the Siux Trilogy 3 Control promotes reliable shot accuracy enhancing overall control on the court.


A standout feature in this racket was its exceptional maneuverability. Despite being control-oriented, this racket does not falter in quick direction changes and agile movements, providing players with the much-needed edge during high-speed rallies and volleys.

Material and Durability

Moving on to the build of this magnificent racket, we have the frame made from 100% Carbon and the faces are lined with 24K Silver Carbon which vouch for its superb durability and longevity. The core consists of Medium EVA, ensuring consistent resilience and performance.

Long-lasting Performance

The different materials used for its construction not only highlight the level of attention Siux paid to durability but also exfaçade of this rocket ensures it performs well over a longer period of time and through more intense play, making it an investment worth considering.


To sum up, the Siux Trilogy 3 Control holds its ground as a superb choice for players who prioritize control in their play style. Its impeccable balance, excellent maneuverability, and top-notch durability make it a worthy companion on the padel court.

With that being said, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is crucial to underline how it performs best in the hands of a control-based player. The design and features of this racket are crafted with precision and purpose. Therefore, if your game is focused more on speed and power, this racket may not be the best fit. However, for those aiming to dominate their game with unmatched control and stability, the Siux Trilogy 3 Control is undeniably an excellent choice.

Always remember - picking the right racket is pivotal to your performance on the court. Each player has a unique style and it's essential to find a racket that resonates with your individual gameplay. Happy hustling on the court!

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