Star Vie Triton Pro 2024

Elevate your game with the Star Vie Triton Pro Padel Racket, designed for power & precision in every shot.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.9




350 - 385 gr




EVA Pro 50


Double layer 3K carbon


100% Carbon


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Updated on 20 Jun (shipping cost not calculated)

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Star Vie Triton Pro 2024

When I first picked up the Star Vie Triton Pro 2024, I immediately recognized it as a premium candidate for players looking to dominate the padel court with sheer power and precision. Engineered with the latest advancements in racket technology and crafted entirely in Spain, this model is indeed a testament to Star Vie's dedication to catering to advanced players who desire an aggressive edge to their gameplay.


The Star Vie Triton Pro is designed to propel your gaming experience to professional heights, focusing on delivering a dynamic blend of features tailored for those who have a commanding presence on the court.

Shape and Balance

Featuring a diamond shape, the Star Vie Triton Pro 2024 possesses a high balance point that immediately translates to increased power on the strike. This shape is ideal for aggressive players who spend a lot of time near the net, looking to exert overwhelming pressure on their opponents with powerful volleys and smashes.


A standout innovation in this racket is its extended grip design. Having a slightly longer handle by one centimeter enables a more comfortable two-handed backhand, which greatly benefits players with larger hands or those who employ a double-handed technique. Moreover, this extension aids in the maneuverability for quick reaction shots.

Power and Control

Power is, without a doubt, where the Triton Pro shines. With a frame of 100% Carbon Fiber and faces made of a Double layer of 3K Carbon Fiber, I found that each swing delivered explosive force behind the ball, without compromising on control. The EVA Pro 50 core, harder to the touch, further refined my shots, offering a crisp and responsive feel that advanced players will appreciate.

Maneuverability and Sweet Spot

Despite its focus on power, maneuverability isn't completely sidestepped. The racket felt agile enough during quick volleys and directional changes. However, power players will adjust quickly to bring out the best of its abilities. The sweet spot is focused and amplifies the strike when landing that center hit, perfect for assertive players.

Material and Durability

Star Vie has not held back when it comes to material quality. The 100% Carbon Fiber construction on both the frame and the face guarantees not just those high-performance benefits but also durability. Paired with Full Plane Effect technology featuring a 2mm star-shape relief, the racket offers exceptional control and a chance to impart precise spin on the ball. This rugged surface directly from the mold enhances stability and longevity.


Ultimately, the Star Vie Triton Pro 2024 caters exceptionally well to players in pursuit of a racket that aligns with an offensive game strategy – prioritizing power while still offering measured control. The premium materials, innovative grip design, and the meticulously crafted balance and shape underscore its prowess as a top-tier choice for experienced players.

As you shop for that next racket to advance your game, consider not just the attributes but how they interact with your personal style and strategy. For an aggressive player aiming to leverage control and power for an explosive game, the Star Vie Triton Pro 2024 will not just meet, but potentially exceed expectations. In the competitive world of padel, it could very well be the partner racket you need to elevate your game to its zenith.

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