Star Vie Triton Speed 2.0 2023

Star Vie Triton Speed 2.0: A 2023 model with a diamond shape, medium feel & top-tier carbon fiber construction. Get unmatched padel game performance.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




350 - 385 gr




EVA Ultra Speed Soft


Double layer 3K carbon fiber


Carbon Fiber

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Star Vie Triton Speed 2.0 2023

The Star Vie Triton Speed 2.0 2023 racket is something to be reckoned with. A seamless fusion of quality materials, design, and performance, it sets itself apart as an exceptional choice for players seeking an edge on the padel court.


Shape and Balance

Much like the make of a ship determines its sea-faring abilities, the diamond shape of the Star Vie Triton Speed 2.0 2023 significantly contributes to its unique capabilities. The strategic distribution of weight across the racket tips the scale in favor of stability, ensuring your swings pack precision with every shot.

Diamond Shape

The diamond shape is specifically crafted for offensive plays, inherently lending itself to a power-loaded performance on the court.


Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, the grip of the Star Vie Triton Speed 2.0 promises a robust hold, enabling both comfort and control during extended matches. It's designed to be a snug fit, allowing intuitive maneuverability, which might be just what you need to maintain your competitive edge through the wildest matches.

Power and Control

Where power meets control is where the Star Vie Triton Speed 2.0 shines. Its dynamic synergy of power and control stands as a testament to its formidable court presence. Perfectly balanced for aggressive shots with precision, it gives you an impressive amount of control, no matter what the game throws your way.

Comfort and Pace

In the realm of comfort and speed, this racket does not disappoint. Its design, combined with a well-structured grip, lays the foundation for an enjoyable playthrough. The balanced weight distribution contributes to its responsive performance, making it a great choice for any player seeking a blend of speed and precision in their game.

Material and Durability

A major strength of the Star Vie Triton Speed 2.0 2023 is its sturdy construction. The frame, crafted from carbon fiber, ensures durability, while the double-layer of carbon fiber 3K on the face promotes power and precision in your shots. The core, composed of EVA Ultra Speed Soft, provides an excellent rebound effect.

Carbon Fiber Construction

The carbon fiber frame and face offer a greater level of resilience against wear and tear, which means this racket will serve you well over multiple intense play sessions.

EVA Ultra Speed Soft Core

Further enhancing the racket's performance is the soft EVA core. This contributes to a medium feel, ensuring a comfortable yet robust gaming experience.


After a thorough analysis, the Star Vie Triton Speed 2.0 2023 emerges as an excellent pick for padel enthusiasts looking to up their game. Its power and control dynamics, combined with a comfortable grip and the durability of carbon fiber construction, make it a dependable ally on the padel court.

Every player is unique, and the choice of a racket should best align with your style and needs. While the Star Vie Triton Speed 2.0 is engineered for outstanding performance, it's essential to evaluate if its features match your game performance goals. Ultimately, the right racket for you is the one that elevates your performance and brings you joy on the court.

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