Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow S 2023

Get comprehensive reviews of Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow S 2023. Delivers quality with carbon fiber materials & diamond shape.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.9




340 - 380 gr




Very hard core (+25ºC)


Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber


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Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow S 2023

The Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow S 2023 is no ordinary padel racket. Graced with dominance and versatility, it's a product of meticulous craftsmanship. This racket guarantees an enticing blend of power and precision, destined to enhance your game and present you as a formidable player on the court.


The Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow S 2023 propels your gameplay to new heights. It's elegantly designed to cater to a diverse range of play styles, making it an excellent choice for padel players of varying skill sets.

Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of the Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma offers a unique balance, making your swing stable and reliable. Perfecting your shot precision becomes an attainable goal with this racket.


A comfortable grip encompasses the essence of this racket. It's just the right size, ensuring a snug fit for long-lasting comfort and control during lengthy matches. The ergonomic grip design enhances the overall playability, making each swing feel like second nature.

Power and Control

The prowess of the Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma lies in its power and control. Its superior power-control equilibrium transforms it into a formidable force on the padel court, providing an edge in offensive and defensive plays.

Comfort and Speed

The Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma excels in comfort and playability. The rounded design and soothing grip result in an enjoyable gaming experience. This racket's balance and swift response are paired beautifully, giving you the perfect combination of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

The Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow S 2023 comes with a carbon fiber frame and faces, assuring you great durability. This material is known for its resistance to wear and tear, promising a long-lasting use even under intense gameplay. The very hard core (+25ºC) reinforces the racket's durability, further ensuring its longevity.


To wrap up, the Varlion Bourne Summum Prisma Airflow S 2023 is an excellent selection for any serious padel player looking to up their game. The power, control, and comfortable grip, coupled with the outstanding durability, ticks all the boxes for a reliable padel racket.

Nevertheless, as always, it's critical to assess whether this racket aligns with your unique gameplay needs. While its components promise a lot of power, players preferring a softer and more flexible play might find it a bit too stiff with its medium-hard feel. But if you're after a substantial leap in your padel skill set, this Varlion racket is worth considering.

Selecting the right racket can hugely affect your performance on the court. Take time and evaluate your options carefully, and may you find success and enjoyment in the thrilling realm of padel.

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