Varlion Cañon Difusor Carbon Black 2022

Varlion Cañon Difusor Carbon Black 2022 review- diamond shape padel racket, fibra de carbono frame and 12K faces, with EVA Hypersoft core

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.9




350 - 375 gr




Hypersoft EVA


12K Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber

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Varlion Cañon Difusor Carbon Black 2022

Introducing the Varlion Cañon Difusor Carbon Black 2022 racket, a premium option for padel enthusiasts looking for a mix of superior power, control, and manoeuvrability. Crafted by the esteemed brand, Varlion, this 2022 model is tipped to be a game-changer on the padel court, enabling players to step up their game and boost their performance.


Shape and Balance

Upon first glance, the distinct diamond shape of the Varlion Cañon Difusor Carbon Black 2022 racket commands attention. This shape contributes to an exceptional balance on the court, making each swing feel steady and poised, whilst facilitating accurate shot placement.

Attack and Defence

The diamond shape also makes this racket a perfect choice for both attacking and defensive plays. So, whether you’re at the net executing smashes, or at the back of the court returning lobs, this racket is your ideal companion.


This racket features a standard grip size, which fits comfortably in your hand, offering a stable and safe grip throughout your gaming sessions. This snug fit aids in shot precision, control and comfort during long matches.

Power and Control

The Varlion Cañon Difusor Carbon Black 2022 truly excels in its power and control. Thanks to its diamond shape and balanced design, this racket offers an impressive power-control equilibrium, making it a formidable weapon on the court.

Strike and Response

This racket not only delivers powerful strikes but also ensures rapid response, allowing you to dominate the court and keep your opponents on their toes.

Material and Durability

The Varlion Cañon Difusor Carbon Black 2022 isn't just about incredible design; it also showcases robust build quality. The frame and faces are crafted from 12k Carbon Fiber, warranting high resistance to wear and tear and ensuring longevity.

Core Materials

The core of the racket incorporates EVA Hypersoft, which promises incredible bounce back, resilience, and durability, significantly improving your gaming performance.


In conclusion, the Varlion Cañon Difusor Carbon Black 2022 is an excellent choice for padel players looking for a racket that combines power, control, comfort, and durability. Its ergonomic grip, high-quality material build, and flexible versatility make it a reliable companion on the padel court. Just remember to be sure that its characteristics are suited to your playing style and level. This model, given its sophistication, might be a bit challenging for beginners but will be a considerable advantage for more skilled players.

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