Vibora Black Mamba Classic Edition

Explore the Vibora Black Mamba Classic Edition, a 2022 tear-shaped racket with carbon frame and faces and EVA soft core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.4




350 - 375 gr




EVA Soft





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Vibora Black Mamba Classic Edition

Introducing the Vibora Black Mamba Classic Edition, a padel racket that certainly stands out as a premier choice for players seeking to embrace a new level of performance. Crafted meticulously by Vibora, the Classic Edition of their cherished Black Mamba model showcases sturdy construction and fine-tuning for reliable control on the court.


Shape and Balance

The Vibora Black Mamba Classic Edition's tear shape design plays a crucial role in optimizing its overall performance. The advantage of a tear shaped racket is its excellent balance between power and control. This classic design, coupled with evenly distributed weight, brings about a sense of stability, making this racket a perfect choice for accurate and powerful swings.

Control over Power

In the delicate balance of control over power, the Vibora Black Mamba Classic Edition definitely leans more toward control. However, it does not sacrifice any essence of power, catering a racket that offers the best of both worlds.


Holding your attention in the grip department, the Vibora Black Mamba Classic Edition offers a standard grip size. This fits comfortably in your hands, providing an excellent command over the racket during intense matches and prolonged gaming sessions.

Materials and Durability

One can’t ignore the quality of materials used in creating the Vibora Black Mamba Classic Edition padel racket. With a frame and faces made of Carbon, this racket illustrates a robust construction that guarantees durability and resistance against usual wear and tear, even during vigorous play. Additionally, the core features EVA Soft material, which ensures a smooth playing surface for an enhanced gaming experience.

Overall Feel

Thanks to the EVA Soft core it possesses, the Vibora Black Mamba Classic Edition provides a medium-soft feel. This results in superior flexibility, making it highly responsive whilst also offering excellent cushioning effect during the hits.

Comfort and Speed

The Vibora Black Mamba Classic Edition is constructed with a keen focus on comfort, with its ergonomic design and a comfortable grip adding up to an overall enjoyable player experience. The racket's perfect balance assists in speedy responses, ensuring an optimal blend of swiftness and precision.


Beyond doubt, the Vibora Black Mamba Classic Edition emerges as an exceptional choice for padel players who are determined to improve their game. Its potent combination of stable playability, comfort, and durability categorizes it as a trusted ally on the padel court.

However, it's always necessary to consider your individual needs and comfort. While some might find the standard grip size too standard, others might focus on the medium-soft feel of the racket. Therefore, it's crucial to reassess all traits of this impressive Vibora masterpiece before deciding to invest in it. Choose wisely and enhance your padel court performance with the right racket. Happy playing!

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