Wilson Pro Staff V2 Azul

Explore the versatile Wilson Pro Staff V2 Azul padel racket. It's expertly crafted with carbon fiber and EVA Soft core for superior gameplay.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.4




365 gr




EVA Soft


Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

Wilson Pro Staff V2 Azul

Crafted by the renowned sport equipment brand "Wilson", the Wilson Pro Staff V2 Azul is an exceptional padel racket that promises superior control and a comfortable, balanced feel. Tailored to cater to players with different skills levels, this racket stands out with its high-quality materials and unique features.


Shape and Balance

The Wilson Pro Staff V2 Azul sports a round shape, which plays a key role in its superior control and balance. This design is known for even weight distribution, thus enhancing stability when striking the ball and providing better shot precision.

Grip & Feel

During my testing session, I was particularly drawn to the comfortable grip size and the medium feel of the racket. The grip feels snug and intuitive, promoting prolonged comfort and excellent control during intense exchanges.

Power & Control

Power and control are essential factors in a padel racket. The Wilson Pro Staff V2 Azul performs exceptionally well in control, giving it a definitive edge. However, its power aspect leaves room for improvement. But don't be mistaken, it can deliver a solid punch when it's needed.


As an intermediate player, you will appreciate the power that this racket offers. However, advanced players may find it lacking when compared to more power-oriented models.


When it comes to control, the Wilson Pro Staff V2 Azul truly shines. The round form of the racket, along with its carbon fiber faces, grants excellent ball placement precision. Extraordinary control is particularly helpful in setting up attacking shots or making tough defensive returns.

Comfort and Speed

The Wilson Pro Staff V2 Azul is designed with player comfort in mind. Its ergonomic grip and well-balanced form promise enjoyable gameplay even during extended matches. The round shape of the racket also contributes to swift responses, striking a perfect balance between speed and accuracy.

Materials and Durability


The robust construction of this paddle racket sets it apart. With a carbon fiber frame, this racket showcases durability and resistance to regular wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan even under intense usage.


Carbon fiber is also used for the racket's faces, adding to its overall sturdiness and providing a significant contribution to performance.


The EVA Soft core makes this racket a preferred choice among players as it offers a good rebound effect. It absorbs the force of the impact effectively, allowing a solid response without extreme effort.


In summary, the Wilson Pro Staff V2 Azul is a fantastic choice for padel players seeking superior control and comfort on the court. With a balanced design, it assures a blend of power, control, speed, and durability that players of any skill level can appreciate.

Carefully consider your playing style and skill level before investing in this racket. While the average power might not be an ideal fit for advanced players expecting extreme power, intermediate players can greatly benefit from its precision and speed.

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