Adidas Drive 3.1 2022

Adidas Drive 3.1 2022 padel racket review: A medium-soft feel racket made with Fiber Glass Braided materials and EVA Soft Performance core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot5.4




360 - 375 gr




Soft EVA Performance


Braided Fiber Glass


Braided Fiber Glass

Adidas Drive 3.1 2022

The Adidas Drive 3.1 2022 racket is a stunning addition to Adidas' illustrious line-up of padel rackets. Tailor-made for fans of the sport who value well-rounded performance, this racket boasts a thoughtful blend of power, control, and maneuverability that translates into a highly satisfying playing experience.


Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Adidas Drive 3.1 2022 significantly contributes to its versatile performance dynamics. With its medium-soft feel, this racket presents a harmonious interplay between power and control, which results in a well-balanced and consistent performance on the court.

Grip and Feel

The first things that stand out about the Adidas Drive 3.1 2022 are the comfortable grip and the medium-soft feel. The standard grip size fits snugly in your hand, providing better control through the swing. It makes playing long games a breeze, ensuring sustained playability.

Power, Control, and Maneuverability

When it comes to power and control, the Adidas Drive 3.1 2022 doesn’t disappoint. The racket's excellent power-control equilibrium can help padel enthusiasts up their game with a critical edge in attack and defensive plays. The above-average maneuverability makes this racket feel like a natural extension of your arm, easily adapting to quick directional changes during a game.

Speed and Precision

The Adidas Drive 3.1 2022 is designed to provide players with top-notch speed and precision. The racket's well-calculated balance results in a swift response during gameplay, allowing you to position your shots accurately and effectively.

Material and Durability

Built with a braided Fiber Glass frame and faces, plus an EVA Soft Performance core, the Adidas Drive 3.1 2022 guarantees supreme reliability. These strong and durable materials ensure that the racket can withstand wear and tear, retaining its performance quality even after intense use.


To sum up, the Adidas Drive 3.1 2022 is a definitive choice for padel enthusiasts seeking to enhance their overall gaming experience. Its well-rounded performance capacity, combined with a comfortable grip, and high durability, make it an impressive partner on the court.

As always, it's necessary to consider whether this racket aligns with your specific style and requirements on the court. While some might prefer a softer or harder feel, the medium-soft balance of the Drive 3.1 really stands out. For any player focusing on developing their skills and improving their performance, this racket is a worthwhile investment.

Remember, choosing the right racket is key to your performance on the court. So weigh all these factors thoroughly before deciding. Happy padel gaming!

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