Adidas Drive 3.2 2023

Experience superior control and power with the Adidas Drive 3.2 2023 padel racket. Round-shaped, medium-soft feel, built with Fibra de vidrio material.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot5.5




360 - 375 gr




EVA Soft Performance






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Adidas Drive 3.2 2023

The Adidas Drive 3.2 2023 is a racket that grabs your attention on and off the court. Made for advanced to professional padel players, its prowess lies in the symphony of power and control it offers, which enhances your overall game performance. With its unique features, this is undoubtedly a racket you should consider for your next padel match.


Get ready for a comprehensive review of the Adidas Drive 3.2 2023's key features!

Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Adidas Drive 3.2 2023 is the pillar that supports its impressive balance. Thanks to this, I noticed a commendable stability while delivering swings and shots. This balance contributed to a higher level of precision making the racket a reliable piece on the court.



During my testing sessions, one element that certainly impressed me was its comfortable grasp. The comfort derived from the perfectly designed handle suited my grip and felt great, even during long playing durations.


The handle's standard size naturally lends a superior level of control. This control, coupled with its inherent stability, provided me with an enhanced gaming experience, especially during long-haul matches.

Power and Control

Simply put, the Adidas Drive 3.2 2023 excels in blending power with control. This balance brought a noticeable edge to both my offensive and defensive plays. This crucial aspect played a significant part in upping my game and I believe it will do so for enthusiastic padel players out there too.

Speed and Response

The Adidas Drive 3.2 2023's response to swings was quick and effective, adding the much-needed zing to my shots. The racket's balance played a key role here as well, contributing generously to its speed and precision. This combination is what every padel player would love to have in their arsenal.

Material and Durability

The Adidas Drive 3.2 2023 boasts a robust construction due to its fiberglass frame and faces and the EVA Soft Performance core. This composite fiber construction enhances the racket's durability while standing up to wear and tear even in the face of high-intensity play. But bear in mind, the color schemes available might not appeal to everyone.


In summary, the Adidas Drive 3.2 2023 is an attractive proposition for advanced to professional padel players. Its robust build coupled with its impressive power-control balance and comfortable grip configures it to be a truly reliable companion on the padel court.

Remember, while making a racket choice, understand your needs and preferences first. The Adidas Drive 3.2 2023 might be a worthy addition to your padel apparatus. Best of luck on your padel journey and may you make the smartest buy!

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