Adidas Match Bronze 3.2 2023

Explore the features of Adidas Match Bronze 3.2 2023 padel racket. Ideal for mid-level players seeking control and maneuverability.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot4.8




360 - 375 gr




EVA Soft Performance





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Adidas Match Bronze 3.2 2023

The Adidas Match Bronze 3.2 2023 racket is an impressive addition to Adidas' already successful line-up of padel rackets. Specifically designed for the intermediate-level players, this racket offers a dynamic blend of power and control that helps dramatically improve the overall gameplay.


Shape and Balance

The tear shape of the Adidas Match Bronze 3.2 2023 significantly enhances its power and control balance. The even distribution of weight throughout the racket provides continuity and stability during swings, resulting in increased accuracy of shots.

Material Composition

Constructed with a fiberglass frame, fiberglass faces, and an EVA Soft Performance core, the Adidas Match Bronze 3.2 2023 offers durability and resilience. These materials complement one another to provide a medium-soft feel, adding a level of comfort while playing.


During our testing sessions, we found the racket's grip size to be tremendously comfortable. It snugly fits into the palm, offering both comfort and control throughout long matches. The standard grip size helps maintain a high level of playability, even during prolonged play.

Power and Control

The area where the Adidas Match Bronze 3.2 2023 shines the brightest is power and control. The well-balanced control-power ratio makes it an excellent choice for any player looking to have an edge on the court. It allows players to up their game by giving them an advantage in attack and defense scenarios.

Comfort and Speed

With respect to comfort, the Adidas Match Bronze 3.2 2023 scores admirably. Its rounded design, complemented by ergonomic grip, makes it a pleasure to use during extended periods of play. The balance in the racket also adds to its rapid response, thus providing an adequate combination of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

The construction of Adidas Match Bronze 3.2 2023 assures durability and resilience. The robust construction guarantees a high resistance to wear and tear. This means the racket has a longer lifespan, even under intensive play circumstances.


To conclude, the Adidas Match Bronze 3.2 2023 is a commendable addition to the gear of any intermediate padel player. It offers a balance of power and control coupled with a comfortable grip and durability. So if you're looking to raise your gameplay standard, this racket could definitely be a worthwhile pick.

However, as with any sporting gear, it's always essential to consider whether the racket's specific characteristics align with your playing style and physical capabilities. So ensure you weigh these factors carefully before making a buying decision. After all, the right racket choice goes a long way in defining your performance on the court. Here's to a thrilling padel journey!

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