Adidas Match Light 3.2 2023

Adidas Match Light 3.2 2023 Padel Racket - tear-shaped, medium-soft feel, made with Fibra de vidrio frame & faces, EVA soft core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot4.9




345 - 360 gr




EVA Soft Performance





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Updated on 25 May (shipping cost not calculated)

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Adidas Match Light 3.2 2023

Introducing the Adidas Match Light 3.2 2023 padel racket - a racket that brings an impressive mix of control and maneuverability to every game. It's a racket that suits different styles, made by one of the biggest names in sports equipment. Here's what struck me about this particular model.


Shape and Balance

The Adidas Match Light 3.2 2023 flaunts a tear-shaped design, known for offering an ideal combination of power and precision. A unique aspect of this style is the balanced usage of its face which allows for even and smooth swings, resulting in consistently powerful shots. The shape also supports a variety of strokes, thereby providing versatility in your game.


Using this racket, I found the grip size to be quite comfortable - a crucial attribute that aids in shot control. Additionally, the standard size is accommodating, providing a firmer hold that facilitates easy maneuverability, especially during extended sessions of play.

Materials and Durability

Crafted with a robust Fiberglass frame, the durability of this racket is impressive. The faces are made of the same material, increasing the racket's resistance to wear and tear from intense games. In the center of it all, an EVA Soft Performance core enhances handling and finds a good balance between flexibility and firmness.

Power and Control

Though the Adidas Match Light 3.2 2023 sits on the lower end of the power spectrum, it compensates with superb control. Its balanced design allows more precise placement of shots, making it an excellent choice for players who prioritize accuracy over brute strength.

Comfort and Speed

Comfort and maneuverability shine when it comes to the Adidas Match Light 3.2 2023. Its design and materials ensure a comfortable grip, making the racket easy to swing and manage during extended periods of play. Owing to its overall balance, there's a sense of swift responsiveness, greatly enhancing speed and precision.


The Adidas Match Light 3.2 2023 is a great choice for players seeking to improve control and precision in their games. Its strengths lie in its comfort grip, maneuverability and durability, offered at a reasonable price. It might lack a little in power, but the trade-off is an increase in control over your shots, making it a capable ally on the padel court.

However, just like any other racket, this too should be chosen based on your personal playstyle and preferences. It caters to those valuing control over power, hence power-oriented players might want to explore other options. But if you're looking to refine your control and aiming to finesse your shots, the Adidas Match Light 3.2 2023 may be the perfect match. See you on the court!

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