Adidas Metalbone Carbon 2023

Explore the superb blend of power & control with the Adidas Metalbone Carbon 2023. Padel play redefined!

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




360 - 375 gr




EVA Soft Performance


6K Carbon


Carbon Fiber

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Adidas Metalbone Carbon 2023

Rebranding the game one swing at a time, the Adidas Metalbone Carbon 2023 is a force to be reckoned with. Remarkably constructed and tailored to meet the demands of today's fast-paced padel environment, this racket radiates prowess and control.


Venturing headfirst into the intricate design and remarkable competences of the Adidas Metalbone Carbon 2023, one cannot help but appreciate its phenomenal synthesis of performance and finesse.

Shape and Balance

Testament to Adidas' innovation, the diamond shape of this racket ensures a head-heavy balance, a characteristic that allows for increased acceleration and power in each shot. The execution and precision that this design offers are truly commendable.


Comfort meets superiority with the grip on the Metalbone Carbon 2023. The grip is standard in size and well-aligned to confer both comfort and precision on the court.

Power and Control

As far as power and control are concerned, this Adidas racket is nothing short of a gem. Its remarkable balance between power and control makes it a commendable competitor on the court.

Comfort and Speed

In terms of comfort, the Adidas Metalbone Carbon 2023 certainly does not disappoint. Beyond its sound ergonomic design and grip, it boasts a near flawless balance that promotes speedy responses on court and ensures a thrilling game.

Material and Durability

One of the many strengths of the Adidas Metalbone Carbon 2023 lies in its choice of materials. With its Carbon Fiber frame and 6K Carbon faces, this racket ensures exceptional resistance to strain, remarkable durability, and a consistent performance that withstands intense play. At the core, the EVA Soft Performance material counters the hard surface impact and contributes to both the racket's balance and control.


In concluding, the Metalbone Carbon 2023 by Adidas emerges as a prime racket choice for padel enthusiasts across the board. It masterfully combines power, control and comfort in a durable package that promises on-court dominance.

As always, it is of essence to consider the specific needs and preferences that differ between each individual. Some may find the diamond shape a bit of a challenge to adapt to, especially beginners new to the dynamic nature of padel. However, for individuals striving to elevate their game and harness a potential edge in their attack and defence on court, the Adidas Metalbone Carbon 2023 is a powerful ally to consider.

In all, the perfect racket is more than the sum of its traits. It is an extension of the player and a tool for expressing their unique gameplay. Choose wisely and game on!

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