Adidas RX 200 Light 2022

Discover the Adidas RX 200 Light 2022 Padel Racket. Made for a medium-soft feel, tear shape, fiber glass braided make for optimal comfort.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.6




345 - 360 gr




Soft Performance EVA


Braided Fiber Glass


Braided Fiber Glass

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Adidas RX 200 Light 2022

Today, I take on the Adidas RX 200 Light 2022, a crowd-pleaser from the reputable sports equipment manufacturer, Adidas. Known for their premium products with exquisite attention to detail, let's delve in to thoroughly examine the features of this standout padel racket.


Shape and Balance

With the tear drop shape, the Adidas RX 200 Light 2022 offers a well-balanced mix of power and control. This shape allows for a larger sweet spot, facilitating a medium-soft feel that'll be appreciated by players seeking forgiveness and playability in their games. The balance of the racket, combined with its shape, creates a super-responsive and easy-to-handle playmate on the court.

Grip and Maneuverability

Where the Adidas RX 200 Light 2022 shines is in the ease of maneuverability. The level of comfort experienced throughout the strokes – no matter how intense the game gets – speaks volumes about the racket’s ergonomics and high-quality grip.

After hours of playtesting, I found myself not wanting to part with this racket, simply because how conceivable and welcoming it felt throughout the games. It’s a perfect blend of response and comfort that sets this racket apart.

Control and Power

The Adidas RX 200 Light 2022 offers a pleasing power-to-control ratio, making it suitable for a wide range of players and playing styles.

Despite falling on the medium-soft side, the quality, and precision with which it delivers on the control, is impressive. The racket ensures that you can keep the ball in play under pressure, while still packing enough punch to drive it across court when you need to.

Materials & Durability

Crafted with Fiber Glass Braided frame and faces, the Adidas RX 200 Light 2022 showcases a beautiful fusion of flexibility and strength. The use of EVA Soft Performance core further enhances the racket's resilience, promising endurance and a steady performance under various conditions while ensuring a healthy life span.

Although the colors and visual appeal might not satisfy everyone, its build quality and performance are sure to make up for any downside in that department.


The Adidas RX 200 Light 2022 boasts an enticing combination of quality, performance, and durability. Its design and construction promise not just superior playability but also an enriching gaming experience.

For those seeking to elevate their game to the next level without breaking the bank, the Adidas RX 200 Light 2022 could be the key. Seasoned pros might demand more power or specific design attributes, but first-timers to intermediate players will find this racket a trustworthy ally on the padel court.

Always remember, even the best-of-the-best racket can't assure an improved performance if its characteristics don't align with your skillset and playing style. So, it's essential to base your buying decision on these factors for an enriching padel gaming experience.

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