Enebe Venom 2022

Uncover superior performance with the Enebe Venom 2022 padel racket. The perfect mix of power and control, it's the ideal choice for players of any level.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.9




360 - 375 gr




EVA High Rebound




Carbon Fiber

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Enebe Venom 2022

Playing with the Enebe Venom 2022 has been an invigorating experience. Crafted by the renowned sport equipment brand, Enebe, the Venom 2022 has an irresistible appeal to any padel enthusiast. Its unique design, coupled with a surprising blend of control and power, makes it an excellent companion on the court.


Shape and Balance

Enebe Venom 2022 sports a tear shape, which propels its performance in terms of control. It holds its ground when it comes down to precision, and the balance? Well, the feel is simply sublime. Its shape and balance sit perfectly in sync, offering the perfect harmony, making the racket handle like a dream.


Grip Comfort and Size

With Enebe Venom 2022, comfort greatly stands out. The grip nestles perfectly in hand, adding to the user experience while aiding in precision and control. Extended periods of gameplay are nothing but pure joy as the grip supports you through those endless sessions.

Control and Power

Power and Control Balance

The Enebe Venom 2022 sure packs a punch. It excels in both power and control, giving players an edge over their competition. This balance provides significant momentum to players, offering an attacking advantage and a solid defense when required.

Comfort and Speed

Playability and Response

When it comes to comfort, the Enebe Venom 2022 doesn't disappoint. Its balanced design paired with a snug-fit grip, makes it a pleasure to play with even during extended sessions. The racket also happens to be swift in response, making it a great companion for players who value speed and precision.

Material and Durability

Constructed with a carbon fiber frame and fiberglass faces, combined with an EVA High Rebound core, the Enebe Venom 2022 is built to last. Such materials ensure the racket's resilience and durability, giving it the ability to withstand vigorous play.


To wrap up, the Enebe Venom 2022 offers quite an amazing experience for padel players. Its comfortable grip, combined with a unique power-control balance and robust durability, makes it a reliable partner on the court.

However, each player is unique and it's vital to consider if this racket's characteristics match your playing style. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a racket that promotes your development as a padel player, the Enebe Venom 2022 might just be your ideal companion.

As we all know, the right racket can make a huge difference in your performance. Therefore, take into account these factors before making a decision. Happy gaming in the thrilling world of padel!

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