Akkeron Plata A22 RC

Reviewing the Akkeron Plata A22 RC padel racket. Excellent medium feel with Diamond shape for versatility.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.9




355 - 375 gr




UltraSoft EVA


70% Carbon - 30% Glass


70% Carbon - 30% Glass

Akkeron Plata A22 RC

The Akkeron Plata A22 RC is a diamond-shaped racket distinguished for its medium feel and remarkable construction. It's durability mixed with balanced features assures a satisfying performance on the padel court, particularly for skilled players. Let's dive into its primordial elements and explore what it has to offer.

Materials and Durability

Renowned for its high-resilience construction, the Akkeron Plata A22 RC boasts an impressive frame and faces made from an amalgamation of 70% carbon and 30% glass. These sturdy materials promise a solid feel, delivering both striking power and control. The racket's core is crafted from EVA UltraSoft, contributing to a pleasing touch and impressive rebound without compromising stiffness.

Frame and Faces

The Akkeron Plata A22 RC's frame and faces share the same material composition. The high proportion of carbon extends the racket's longevity, duly handling your aggressive strikes. Meanwhile, the percentage of glass provides flexibility, supporting effective spin and control shots.


The EVA UltraSoft core infuses the racket with a unique blend of power and comfort. Its softness not only promotes a more forgiving impact but also enhances the rebound, allowing you to take quick responsive shots effortlessly.


Shape and Balance

With its diamond shape, the Akkeron Plata A22 RC emphasizes power, making it an ideal choice for aggressive players who enjoy a slam-dunk playstyle. This shape naturally shifts the balance towards the head of the racket, facilitating powerful and swift strikes.

Power and Control

The medium feel provided by the Akkeron Plata A22 RC ensures a fine equilibrium between power and control. Its diamond silhouette amplifies the power, allowing you to deliver robust returns, while the rigid carbon-glass composite assures superior control over every shot.

Comfort and Speed

Despite its diamond shape and power-oriented design, the Akkeron Plata A22 RC does not hold back on offering a comfortable play experience. The EVA UltraSoft core significantly cushions the impact, making long padel sessions less strenuous on your arm. The quick rebound energy translates into rapid responses, enabling you to catch up with fast balls and return them with speed.


Wrapping up this review, the Akkeron Plata A22 RC emerges as a proficient racket for advanced players striving for strength and stability in their returns. Its sturdy frame, uniquely responsive core, balance of power and control, and persistent performance make this racket a substantial investment for regular padel players.

However, the racket's diamond shape and head-heavy balance might demand extra effort from beginners or players with a defensive style. But, if power-loaded, quick-responsive, and long-lasting gear is your need, the Akkeron Plata A22 RC aligns perfectly. Remember, the right racket can significantly affect your padel performance, so consider these points carefully before making your choice. Enjoy exploring the exhilarating world of padel!

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