Alkemia Blaze 2023

Experience precision like never before with the Alkemia Blaze 2023 racket. Made with high-rebound B.EVA Soft and triple layer hard carbon fiber.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.4




350 - 375 gr




High recovery Black EVA Soft


Triple layer of high hardness carbon fiber



Alkemia Blaze 2023

Reviewing the Alkemia Blaze 2023, it's clear to see how this racket stands out on the padel court. With a design engineered for power, control, and durability, the Blaze 2023 is by Alkemia for padel enthusiasts.


Shape and Flexibility

The tear-shaped Blaze 2023 is impeccably designed to offer a great balance between power and control. The unique distribution of its weight gives a sense of steadiness, helping to increase precision and stability in each stroke.

Grip and Feel

When it comes to the feel, Blaze 2023 falls in the medium-hard category meaning it offers a balance between flexibility and stiffness, striking an ideal balance for power and control. The grip offers a comfortable hold, which notably enhances the control during long matches, and significantly contributes to overall playability.

Power and Control

The Blaze 2023 embodies exceptional power and control capabilities. Its optimal power-control balance helps to widen the scope for achieving more attacking and defensive shots. It brings out an excellent performance on the court, irrespective of the player’s strategy.

Swing and Speed

The dynamics of the Blaze 2023 guarantee not just comfort but also a quick response to the swings. This offers a striking balance of speed and precision, which is highly desirable during a fast-paced game.

Material and Durability

The Alkemia Blaze 2023 comes with a frame made of Kevlar,faces of high hardness triple layer carbon fiber, and a core of high-recovery Black EVA Soft. The use of such high-quality materials in its construction translates to high resistance to wear and tear, making it a reliable choice for intense and extended play. However, the choice of color and aesthetic appeal is entirely subjective and varies from player to player.


To conclude this review, the Alkemia Blaze 2023 is a fantastic choice for any padel player looking to step up their game. Its notable power, impressive control, comfortable grip, and robust durability translate to an all-rounded performance on the court.

However, the key to choosing the right racket lies in understanding and matching it with the player’s unique playstyle and requirements. Although the Blaze 2023 is a versatile and well-balanced racket, it may not appeal to everyone's style and preference. But for those who prioritize power and control while having a reliable racket that withstands long games, Alkemia Blaze 2023 is worth serious consideration.

Remember, the court performance can significantly be influenced by the right racket, so take time to consider these key elements. Enjoy your time in the exhilarating world of padel!

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