Alkemia Tenebris 2023

Discover the Alkemia Tenebris 2023 padel racket review. High-quality Kevlar frame with carbon fiber faces. Medium-Hard feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.7




350 - 375 gr




High recovery Black EVA Soft


Double layer of high hardness carbon fiber



Alkemia Tenebris 2023

The Alkemia Tenebris 2023 is a remarkable padel racket that combines superior style and performance. Masterfully crafted by the skilled hands behind Alkemia’s long-standing reputation in the sport. This racket will surely appeal to players seeking for an engaging and power-packed gameplay experience.


Shape and Balance

With a tear shape, the Alkemia Tenebris 2023 is deliberately designed to achieve a balance between power and control. This shape allows for an even distribution of weight across the racket, creating a sense of stability during swings, enhancing shot precision, and adding an aggressive edge to each hit.


Comfort and Control

Detailed attention has been given to the grip configuration of this racket to maximize player comfort without sacrificing control. The grip size is comfortable and provides the perfect blend of firmness and cushioning while enabling a powerful yet precise racket swing.

Power and Control

Striking Force and Precision

The Alkemia Tenebris 2023 particularly excels in these two crucial areas. Its configuration ensures a remarkable power-control combination. Players are guaranteed the ability to launch hard-hitting shots while also maintaining full control of the trajectory, making it an ideal choice for both offensive and defensive padel strategies.

Comfort and Speed

Rapid Reactions and Extended Playability

This racket design thoughtfully integrates comfort to allow for increased playtime without undue strain. The balance and construction of the racket also contribute to a swift response time, combining speed with precision for standout performance on the court.

Material and Durability

Resilient Framework and Faces

The Alkemia Tenebris 2023 is a masterpiece of durability, boasting a frame made from Kevlar, a material known for its high tensile strength and resistance to wear. The faces are reinforced with a double layer of high hardness carbon fiber that provides extra durability and enhances the power of each hit.

Core Resilience

The racket core made from Black EVA Soft provides high rebound resilience. This unique characteristic provides a quick bounce back after each hit, minimizing energy loss and maximizing the power transmitted to the ball.


The Alkemia Tenebris 2023 emerges as an exciting padel racket that is set to impress with its powerful and well-balanced performance. Whether you're a defensive strategist or the backbone of the offense, this racket has something to offer you.

However, it bears mentioning that every player is unique in their playing style and preference. It is thus essential to consider if the features of this racket are compatible with your gameplay. If you're after a racket that promises exceptional balance, power, and durability, the Alkemia Tenebris 2023 might just be the ideal fit for you.

Always remember that while skill plays a big part in one's padel journey, the choice of equipment can significantly influence one's performance on the court. The Alkemia Tenebris 2023, with its compelling qualities, is indeed an exciting option to consider for your next padel racket.

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