Alkemia Vento 2024

Discover versatility with the Alkemia Vento 2024. Ideal for intermediate players seeking balanced control and power.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.4




345 - 375 gr




Black EVA PRO React


100% Medium Hardness Carbon Fiber



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Alkemia Vento 2024

Introducing the Alkemia Vento 2024, a versatile racket that stands out in Alkemia's range. Designed for players who seek a balance between power and control, this racket delivers impressive performance across various aspects of the game.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

The tear shape of the Alkemia Vento 2024 provides a harmonious blend of power and control. The even weight distribution ensures stability and precision in every shot, making it a reliable choice for competitive players.


Constructed with a Kevlar frame and 100% medium-hard carbon fiber faces, this racket is both durable and responsive. The core, made from Black EVA PRO React, offers a medium-soft feel that enhances comfort and performance.

Sweet Spot

One of the standout features of the Alkemia Vento 2024 is its generous sweet spot. The hybrid shape helps players return off-center shots effectively, creating a forgiving and enjoyable playing experience.

On-Court Performance


From the baseline, the Alkemia Vento 2024 impresses with its comfortable and spongy feel. The Black EVA PRO React core facilitates easy returns, even from deep positions, and offers a pleasant touch, ensuring consistent and controlled groundstrokes.

Net Play

At the net, the racket’s tear shape allows for enhanced power in smashes and volleys. The combination of Kevlar and carbon fiber in the frame ensures that the racket can handle quick exchanges with ease.

Spin and Rebound

With the new 3D Rough technology on its surface, the Alkemia Vento 2024 makes generating spin straightforward. This feature is particularly useful for players who rely on heavy topspin and slice shots to control their opponents. Additionally, the core’s Black EVA PRO React material provides excellent rebound, enhancing your ability to react during fast-paced rallies.


While the Alkemia Vento 2024 offers a solid feel, its design also supports good maneuverability. The balance and material choices make it comfortable to handle during long matches, minimizing fatigue and improving shot accuracy.


In conclusion, the Alkemia Vento 2024 is an excellent choice for players looking for a versatile padel racket. Its blend of power, control, and comfort makes it suitable for a wide range of playing styles. Whether you are dominating from the baseline or attacking at the net, this racket won't disappoint. Keep an eye on the Alkemia Vento 2024 as it’s set to become a favorite among players in the upcoming season.

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